Monday, December 10, 2018

China is Fun!

China is fun. So far living here, some of the more interesting things our family has done include:

  • modeling (shoe store),
  • appeared in international fashion advertisements (new york, china, more?),
  • appeared in official city holiday weekend guide (official city wechat account featured a photo of our family at the park),
  • performed music at China's largest volunteer organization events,
  • translated Movie Posters/Press Kits for films entering the - International Film Festival (Love in Cambodia, or something),
  • voice overs for promotional materials,
  • translated a coffee chain's menu (for free coffee, I won THAT deal!)

The boys modelling...

... but I think our GREATEST achievement, is the wide spread of Chocolate Oero Smoothies at the Taiwan Oolong Tea shops!

We used to go to our local Oolong Tea shop and order the Chocolate Smoothies. We then started bringing Oero cookies and getting them to add them to the Chocolate Smoothies, thereby creating the Chocolate Oreo Smoothies. They thought we were crazy.  I had to explain it time and time again how to add the Oeros to the Chocolate Smoothie, but eventually they figured it out.

Fast forward 4 years, and now EVERY Oolong Tea place in our city serves Oereo/Chocolate Oero Smoothies.  I will be curious to see if it spreads to other cities...

You're welcome China.

Also, this was by far, the best use of my Chinese language skills ever!  This is why I learned Chinese... exactly for a moment like this! 

Oh... and also... you know, so I could communicate with Lukais foster family... since I got to meet them recently!