Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day ~ China Style

This is our 1st Father's Day in Zhongshan ~

I think most Parents would agree....

Father's Day, like Mother's Day, is a favorite day around our house ~

A Day where we MAKE our teenagers hug us!  LOL

A Day when we try to pause and appreciate the gift we have been given....

....the gift of being someone's parent ~

It's not a right , it's a gift we've been given ~

An opportunity to be an important part of a child's life ~

To be in a place where we can influence, speak into, and share in a child's life ~

Not because we earned it or deserved it ~
 but because God chose to allow us to be someone's parent

Adrian is a great Dad ~

Their Daughters' favorite person in the entire universe ~

The kids shared today that he is so much fun, loving, patient.....

Takes them to awesome places!

They feel safe when he is around, 
and always makes EVERYTHING beter ~

I think he does a great job
 giving them a glimpse of what their Heavenly Father is like ~

He is a great example of what a 'Man' really is,
 Someone for them to look up to,
and strive to become themselves ~

Being a Father is a gift ~

And in turn, I think Adrian has become
 a wonderful Gift to our children ~

On this Day, we pause and reflect on what a wonderful
Heavenly Father we all have ~

And thank God for the wonderful Fathers in our own lives ~

We love you Adrian!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

JiaoZi Dinner Party ~

Well, Tuesday night has officially become...
Dinner Party night!

Last night we had 17 people here!

We are so enjoying getting to know folks here ~

They wanted to come out and teach us how to make JiaoZis!

We like to buy ours from the NaiNai who lives in the apartment below us ~

But NOW we can officially make our own!

Well, mabie we'll stick to buying ours...
our Dinner Guests' Dumplings stayed together, 
but ours.....well ~ practice makes perfect I hope

Teaching the fine art of Chess to our Guests!

And I think everyone's favorite part of Tuesday nights.....


They Love to Sing and that works for us,
we Love to play!

But no Frozen songs tonight!

Wonder what next Tuesday will bring?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Being Tourists ~ China Style

Today we were so blessed to have some new friends,
 that we've recently made here in Zhongshan,
offer to tour us around some historical sites 
to help us understand what an incredible place we live in.

First up, was the Ancient home of
Sun Yat San!

He was the one who started the
Revolution here in 1911 ~

What a gift to be able to share with our Chinese children
and the whole family what an inspirational
heritage they have ~

I loved seeing Kole, who loves history,
gaining confidence in speaking chinese!

We met up with the whole gang once we got to the 2nd museum,
on Walking Street ~

Hamming it up while walking down the Walking Street,
hey, we turn heads EVERYWHERE we go,
so we might as well 'Rock' it out
~ eh Ping ;)

We are loving getting to know our new Home town,
and our new Friends even more!

Loved the creepy Street displays!

Angel and Gemma ~
nice photo bombing Ping!

c.a.n.n.o.t. get over the flora here!

Just in case we forget we were in China ~
Hello Kitty!

We prayed for 'community'
God answered that prayer ~

We are so thankful

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lukai's Year End Thoughts ~

Well, as we are approaching the end of our first School Year here in China,
I figured it was a good time for a 
'End of Year' wrap up

First up ~
Mr. Personality Himself

Me: "So you are finishing up your 1st year (1/2 a year) of Chinese Kindergarten, how did you like it?"
Lukai: "Good, Very Good, I love going to Kindergarten"

Me: "What your favorite thing to do there?"
Lukai:  "Eat Lunch"

Me:  "What does LaoShi Make that you like so much?"
Lukai:  " The vegetables and rice"

Daddy and Mommy look confusingly at eachother.....

Me:  "Who is your best Friend at School"
Lukai:  "WenBo....he follows me.  And PiPi...He's big!"

Me:  "What's your favorite color?"
Lukai:  "Green Red Purple Yellow"

proceeds to tell me all the colors in Chinese.....

Me:  "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Lukai:  "I want to go on the back of the Truck....Garbage Man!"
"No ~ A Truck driver"

I see a theme here that involves large vehicles....

Me:  "Who are you going to marry?"
Lukai:  "Handsome Girl ~ NiuNiu"

Me:  "Isn't that the girl who slapped you?"
Lukai:  "Yes, I still want to marry her..."

Me:  "What is your favorite subject"
Lukai:  " I don't work, I play..."

Yes, that's true, LaoShi did say that...sheesh

Me:  "What is something you learned at school this year?"
Lukai:  "Read books and Chinese..."
begins singing a chinese song.....

Me:  "How do like our new life in China?"
Lukai:  "I like that we go to China..I like the planes, trains, boats.."

Well Little Man,
this has been a huge year for you!
And we are so proud of you.

Let's hope next year
we can 'work' on the 'work' aspect of your learning!

Well, you are certainly our Biggest Hand full~
But you also make us laugh the most as well.

So love you Little Man ~