Saturday, August 31, 2013


...need to be preserved

Despite ALL the purging that is happening over here....

there are those keepsakes ~ you know the ones that you've been keeping, stored away in the Hope Chests.

That 'One Day' I was going to put in a scrapbook.  
Well 'That Day' is now. 
And with all that is on our 'to ~ do list', 
this chore I am actually happy, 
albeit challenged, to do.

You see, I am not a good 'Scrap Booker', 
I can be way to critical, 
and can take way to long putting together a book.  

Well, thankfully, time is NOT on my side, 
so I can't take all day doing 1 page.  
I have no choice but to move quickly...

...and that is very freeing.  
No time to be critical, 
just take the mountains of memorabilia and get it preserved!

I love seeing these Scrap Books come together, 
and seeing the kid's reactions to them,
 even the big kids are proud of there books.  
These are coming to China with us I'm hearing from them.  
Love it!  
Makes all the work worthwhile.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

T is for Tantrum

T is for Tantrum.....

...which you would never know by the look of the photos 
~ had just ended.....

....they use to last as long as 2hrs, 
but this last one ended after only 20min, 
AND no one was hurt in the process! 

He eventually calmed down, and came out of his room, quite a bit tireder and dehydrated I'm sure from all the screaming and crying.....

Funny they used to annoy me SO much, 
but I'm learning I guess you could say.  
You see ~ they're not personal (duh, took me a while to learn that)

And something interesting happens 
when I don't take his 'little rage fests' personal 
~ I see what he really needs.

Not discipline, not 'talking to', but rather to be 'filled up'....

...literally filled up with water, food, cuddles & who knew ~ alphabet BINGO.

Cuz, if I've learned anything these past 3.5 yrs...I've learned this ~
 Only God can heal their little hearts and minds.  
Only God can help them attach, to feel at rest, to feel secure.
Only God can restore a calmness and self control within them.
Kinda takes the pressure of this tired old Momma.

I used to think if I did everything right, 
she too would heal faster, 
she would feel more secure, 
she would stop raging too.

Boy was I humbled when I learned 
that her healing was never my responsibility.   
That I was never made to carry that yoke.  
I only learned that after failing and failing again by her.
Parenting children with broken pasts 
humbles the once 'seasoned' parent.  
I honestly thought I knew it all.
I knew nothing.  
I saw the pride and arrogance within my self 
more and more those first 2yrs.  

It's not about me, 
it's about them.
I can't heal them.

But I know the ONE who can and will.

I just have to stay out of the way.....
and do the one thing He has asked & equipt me to do,
LOVE them.

No matter what

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sending Team

The work involved with moving a family of 7 halfway across the world to the South of Chin@, is enormous.

The endless lists, the overwhelming responsibility, the incredible emotional process ...
would have been too much for just Adrian and myself to have shouldered.  
And so with that on our hearts, we are completely overwhelmed with endless gratitude when a Team of 'Sender's formed together ~ to surround us, to hold us up.

Like in Exodus, when Moses' arms grew tired ~  Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset.~

Meet Bonnie, Our Sending Team Leader

Nancy, our Administrator for Banking

Richard, our Logistical Coordinator

Nat, our IT & Communications Support,

Kathleen, our Tax Accountant

Although it is our family that is getting on the plane, make no mistake ~ there are many folks that are equally apart of what we are doing while in Chin@.  The support and the Sponsorship* are KEY to allowing us to go.  God has woven our hearts together with wonderful people, who love the Lord and who love Chin@.   
When He called us to this journey, He also called them.  
Thankyou Sending Team! 

*Our Sponsors are those who are financially committing to us.  
We are incredibly thankful for those incredible people who are sowing into what we are doing.  
Like our 'Sending Team' we couldn't be going without you.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I have to do what?!......

So when we said 'yes' to moving to Zhongshan......

...I inadvertently committed myself 
to homeschooling my 5 children.... an China....
ranging from kindergarten to Grade 10

God better know what He's doing *

...because the reality of this is setting in ~ 
and this Momma's heart is pounding

*I know God knows what He's doing.....learning to trust :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Frank The Cockroach

I know it has been a long time since I've posted anything, and that is bad.
I've had this massive case of writers block, because there is just something I need to say, but can't quite find the words.
So, I'll talk about Frank the Cockroach instead. 
Because, well, why not. 
That makes sense.

So here, meet Frank, the Cockroach.  And, oh yea, we're leaving Canada, selling our house, leaving our jobs to go work with orphans in China.

To find out how to help, email us at:
Check out New Day South, where we will be volunteering: 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


On his birthday all he wanted was to go to the next town, 
with his Best Friend, 
for the World's best Fudge.

He always makes me laugh 

All I wanted was a few photos of him on his special day.  
And he was being so goofy just to bug me.  
This is the kind of son he is!  
He loves to tease me.

But finally just before heading home, 
he let me get off a few good shots.

Happy Birthday Dawson!  
You have made these past 13 yrs wonderful!  
We love you so much Son.