Why Blog about Adoption?

I wanted our blog to be place where people can "see" adoption, and "hear" the hearts of those who are adopting.  I know sometimes family/friends may not be as supportive as "we adopters" would like (or expect), and talking about it may wind up being an argument over something.  However, people could/would read a blog, and it may be an effective way to communicate why we (or you) want to adopt, who we were going to adopt, and what the impact would be on our (or your) family... and extended family.

I wanted our blog to be much more of a "story" than an "opinion piece" - I really hoped the casual style of it would encourage people to come along with us on the emotional journey to adopt.  I figured there were enough "opinions" on adoption already, mine wasn't really needed.  

But, I thought if people could come along for the emotional journey, then it might impact them on an emotional level and actually have a much larger impact on them than if it were just another opinion.

Because I am a firm believer that you can not see and hear the story of these amazing children, without your heart being moved.