Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ginger House ~

Well, when we thought our move to Beijing was inevitable, we made what we thought would be our last walk to our favorite Coffee House.

I took some pictures to remember it by.

It was a pretty quiet afternoon as we were trying to process the reality of moving 
and leaving the friends we've made these past 3.5 years behind.

Coming to the Ginger House to relax & refuel
or simply to meet up with friends has become familiar to us and our kids

And again, this last weekend we were there,

 but this time not with such a sombre mood.

 We are staying put here in Zhongshan, at least for now. and it's kinda great.  
We are diffinently looking around at our friends and our kid's friends 
with fresh eyes and deeper appreciation. 

You don't always appreciate what you have until you just about to loose it.

I need to remind myself of that....


  1. Partially true, but to truly appreciate what you have, you first must lose it...
    Our nature is such, that we take things for granted, even though they are precious gifts.

  2. Thank you for the reminder. We take what we have for granted far too easily.