Monday, April 24, 2017

LangQingXuan Home

Well, yesterday started off with heartattack WeChat message from Adrian... 

...the landlord was sending someone over to take photos...
or was it an inspection regarding damage deposit....

...the joys of 2nd language learning...

You see, we've recently given notice that we'll be moving.

...and so like any experienced Home seller 
( trust me I have TONNES of experience 
with short notice house viewings ),  
I did what any sane mother would do...

I made my 2 oldest race home from school on their scooters to help me paint, and clean the place up...

I tore through all the rooms sweeping e.v.e.r.y toy, trinket and bobble off the floor, window sill younameit, into bags and boxes and hid them all away.

Sounds silly right?......
 I figure, this ain't my 1st rodeo...

Some Landlords here look for 'damage'  ... they can insist you DON'T get your damage deposit back and you end up paying them even more 'damage' fees.

And I know we are good tenants,
not perfect...
...we do have a Lukai 
and 2 cats...

but seriously y'all should have seen this place when we moved in!

Three words...
Creepo Bachelor Pad

Just ask Carrie... 

So I wanted Photographic proof that the apartment
 is in very good condition!....

In other words...I want all my deposit back 

...we'll need all the funds we can get for our upcoming move.

And in true fashion, the Realtor / Photographer arrived not when he told us he was coming, but... 

...2 hours earlier
But in the end, it doesn't matter...

...I got some nice photos of our home for our Memory book

And I'm hoping and praying the Landlord is happy and we will not be unfairly gouged .... we have been in the past.

This creepy bachelor pad, has become my favorite home to date.

It just was in need of some Cheap-o-Pinterest inspiration,
and some killer cleaning

Thanks to Carrie and Chris! 


  1. I love seeing your home! May God bless you as you serve him!

  2. It definitely looks 1000% better than it did when we first started with it and left it to come back. You have made into a beautiful and inviting home. AS much as I was looking forward to coming back and enjoying the place I'm sure you will do the same with where ever He takes you next and I look forward to getting a chance to visit your next home. I am just glad we were able to help while we were there. And yes I will testify to how disgusting it was I still have the pic of my socks at the end...they themselves landed in the garbage.

  3. Love your blog, wish I could adopt (dh says no), never commented before....I'm super impressed by how organized you are in what looks like a small apartment to the average American! a professional violinist I feel compelled to say, if that's a real violin on the windowsill, it needs to come out of the sun right away! Please keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, cold etc. or you will get cracking, warping, unglued seams etc. A humidifier (room, or just a Dampit - little foam thing that goes inside the instrument) might be a good idea too, depending on your internal climate.

    1. Wow, OK! Will do and thanks! We wanted to keep it out as she plays it every day....Is that not advisable?

    2. You can keep it out, as long as it's out of reach of small kids - I've seen some sad accidents! But never in direct sunlight, or near heating or air-conditioning vents, or a hot/cold car, either.

      This is a Dampit:
      The come in different sizes, so check the size of the violin if you're ordering one - although I don't know if you can get them in China! They are simple and foolproof - I've tried fancier stuff, but gone back to these. You just run it under the tap, which soaks the absorbent foam rubber inside,wipe off the outside, and slot it in through the f-hole. Then check it daily by squeezing it, to see if it's dried out. Unless you are in a humid climate and don't have air-conditioning, it's advisable to use one.

    3. I am so grateful for your information! We are moving from a humid rainy climate to a DRY one.any suggestions?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Sorry, reposting with correct email -
      Just read both your comment above and your most recent post, so maybe you're not moving after all, but feel free to contact me! It would be quicker. :)

  4. Wow Roberta, did you ever consider a home interior designer as a career????

    Looks very nice indeed.