Wednesday, August 26, 2015

School ~ China Style

Something we never quite expected when we moved here was that we would be involved with the opening of a new International School.  It was not in our 'plans'.  God, thankfully, had other plans.  While year 2 in China started off with the reality that someone in our family would need to get a Working Visa, in order for our family of 7 to stay here and continue to be involved with New Day South and all the incredibly important work they do here in this city and surrounding area.  God provided an incredible opportunity for Adrian to work part time with a dynamic buisness woman who is opening her 3rd school.  Adrian is not teaching, he is serving as the project manager for the school.  Very exciting plans for this very 'unique' school that if you lived here I would love to tell you all about it... one day I figured, lets ditch homeschool and take the kids to the construction site!

Daddy explaining the layout for this very high tech new school.

I love the colors!  There is nothing like this around here!

The basket ball courts...

So some of our kids are going to be staring here in a few weeks, 
(yes this school will be open in 2 weeks) 
I am thankful for this opportunity, although I love homeschooling I understand not all my kids prefer it to traditional schooling. 
Kole and Gemma will stay home with me 
 and the rest will embark on this new cool adventure!

God is so good ~

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