Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lantern Festival ~ China Style

The New Year Festivals and Lantern Festivals here in China are......
To put it mildly.....

Unlike in the North,
we love our flowers here.

And much less fireworks.

Although still an insane amount of fireworks by the rest of the World's standards!

Miss G ~

Sukey and Amber and Carmen, our intrepid tour guides for the evening....
..our contribution was to be silly and to never stay on the 'proper' pathways.

But they are great sports and did cartwheels and flips right along with us and climbed mountains in high heels like troupers!

The Littlest Emperor himself ~

Sisters forever ~

Miss G

Our BFF, Guide, Translator, Teacher and B.E.S.T. Adrian teaser ever,
oh yeah...also an awesome PR person for the Foster Home ~

My 1st born ~
Yeah I'm old.....

Mr Life of the Partay,

The Guys!

The ever so elegant,

The many talents of Sukey!

...stop growing... *sigh*

The Gals ~

1 year anniversary in Zhongshan!

The cutest couple e.v.e.r.~

Live music everywhere!

And now it's time for bed me thinks.....

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