Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend R & R ~ China Style

A little 'hanging around' ~

A little Big brother Loving going on here ~

Can't forget our (very necessary) walk to the new Smoothie shop
 in this crazy heat for about $1.50

Ping teaching Little Miss here how to read ~

Loving the community pool is this humidity ~

Lukai's favorite pool activity
'Drowning Dawson'

Love how Dawson will let Lukai man-handle him for hours on end ~
What a Great Big Brother!

Our precious neighbor who has adopted Gemma as her Jie Jie ~

Enjoying a photo opp during  a Sunday Morning stroll down our street ~

Sunday Morning Worship ~

Love it when my boys play ~

So thankful for being able to have these instruments here ~

Some Sunday Afternoon 'Battleship' Action with my Ping

So excited to head over tomorrow to NDS to see Thad!
Did I mention......he's home!