Saturday, June 7, 2014

Being Tourists ~ China Style

Today we were so blessed to have some new friends,
 that we've recently made here in Zhongshan,
offer to tour us around some historical sites 
to help us understand what an incredible place we live in.

First up, was the Ancient home of
Sun Yat San!

He was the one who started the
Revolution here in 1911 ~

What a gift to be able to share with our Chinese children
and the whole family what an inspirational
heritage they have ~

I loved seeing Kole, who loves history,
gaining confidence in speaking chinese!

We met up with the whole gang once we got to the 2nd museum,
on Walking Street ~

Hamming it up while walking down the Walking Street,
hey, we turn heads EVERYWHERE we go,
so we might as well 'Rock' it out
~ eh Ping ;)

We are loving getting to know our new Home town,
and our new Friends even more!

Loved the creepy Street displays!

Angel and Gemma ~
nice photo bombing Ping!

c.a.n.n.o.t. get over the flora here!

Just in case we forget we were in China ~
Hello Kitty!

We prayed for 'community'
God answered that prayer ~

We are so thankful


  1. Neat, I must have been Interesting!!

  2. Wow...thanks for sharing! It's amazing.

  3. What fun. Love the pink and glasses on Ping oh and Hello Kitty is Japanese! Hello Kitties official website :)

  4. YOur home town - so right!
    Everyone and everything looks so settled and happy.
    So Glad