Friday, March 14, 2014

Small Traditions ~ Permanency China Style

Something that I have learned,
since bringing our Ping home ~

Is that 'traditions', no matter how small
are very good, and healthy
and encourages permanency
in the heart of a child struggling to Attach

One of ours back in Canada was
Saturday night ~ Pizza nights

Well some of those traditions can't continue here,
so we're trying new ones.

Pasta night!

It may boring ~ but it is quickly catching on.
You see, these ingredients are not
easily found here, and they are significantly
more expensive.

So our 'cheap' meal night in Canada,
has become ~
Fancy Pasta night here!

So thankful for small traditions,

Step by step,
it's these things that make our new home
feel like our forever Home



  1. I would definitely take pasta over pizza any night!!! Looks yummy!

  2. Love it! And I am seeing more and more how important these "little traditions" are important to Haleigh.

    1. So true Judi, P and L get so very 'worked up' if anything interferes with these nights ~ it was through their reactions that I finally understood it was so important to them. What do you do with H?

  3. Really eh?? That is so cool! What is the Pizza of China???