Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day ~ China style

Valentine's day is very special to our little family,
it was the day Adrian 1st asked me out 
(21 yrs together) ~

So although he is the romantic in the relationship,
secretly I love this day.

So how did we celebrate it this year,
in a country that doesn't celebrate Valentine's day?

With my favorite crew,
(Adrian came home from HongKong about 11pm)
and a new friend,
and a little Tim Hawkins!

Anneli brought over homemade cookies!
She has an oven in her apartment,
we don't so this was AWESOME.

Love my Chinese Coke,
way better then Coke from home.

Then when Ade came home,
like always ~ the man never disappoints.
He came with hilarious Chinese snack food
and chocolates. me some 'crunky' chocolate
actually it was very good!

The chips....well ~
they are still here.

The flavors here are well....

Our 1st 'holiday' here, was very special to me.
Can't wait for the next one,
St.Patricks Day right 


  1. Junk food and Tim Hawkins always go together!! I am glad you guys had a wonderful day:-)

  2. Was he singing colonoscopy in this pic?