Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple ~

Like so many other folks out there,
I've been desiring a 'simpler' life
There is even a magazine out there,
that is all about Living Simply
The novelty of this was something
I had hoped I would truly love in practice ~
Life here in Zhongshan,
is very simple
like, go to the market almost everyday to buy food for the day
kind of simple.

Life moves slower here,
I kinda love it
Yeah, even when my lights blow in my kitchen
and I can't figure how to change them
so we cook in the dark,
on my 2 burner cook top
Slow moving life
I think the kids are noticing....

Not a huge variety of 'stuff' to do to fill up our days,
no clubs, extra circular activities, anything
Just simple family time

They seem happy,
I could learn from them ~

Someone here said, "You can't be picky with friends here"
You have to make due with what you have.
Sisters becoming friends.
It's kinda wonderful to watch

The simple joy of finding chocolate at the local shoppe
and having just one before bed,
cuz you have to make them last
Western food isn't everywhere,
and it is on the more costly side.

But we savour every single bite,
yup we sure do!
Today I was so burnt out, and then I got invited to head out to a large Market with the other folks that 'serve' here.  Getting out for some Mommy alone time, albeit to grocery shop, was ....... awesome.   And sure enough I found myself coming home feeling so refreshed.
I found myself sitting back and watching my biggest teachers, my kids,
show me what I've been to tired to see.
Life is beautiful here.
I am so blessed to be here
Thanks kids ~


  1. :) Something we all long for! This will bring you closer as a family. I remember when we served in our first "small church" as lay missionaries and our teen-age children looked around and saw that for the most part they WERE the youth group. After church they commented that they would have to become more than just siblings, they would have to become friends. It's a beautiful thing!

    1. Judi, thank you so much for sharing that that is a huge encouragement

  2. Catching up on your blog. I am glad you are able to post to it from China. Your family is in my prayers.


  3. I'm enjoying the peace through you...

  4. Blessings to you and your family! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!