Friday, February 7, 2014

New View ~

I have a new view......

I sit here during the day, doing laundry for 7 people in my Barbie Washer
(I call it Barbie cuz it is teeny tiny and it sings to me
which is fairly normal I'm learning for appliances in China to sing to you)

This is my view from my Granny Smith Apple Stool,
while I'm hanging my clothes
Which I'm learning don't really 'dry' in this humidity...
and it isn't even that humid yet!

A little surprise I found,
(I've found a few..)
in my unpacking
We have the BEST friends I think ~


  1. What an adventure, for sure!!

    (The not fully dried clothes would be difficult to get used to!!! I think I would take my hair dryer to them!)

  2. Glad you got there safe and sound. I miss you even more now! I look forward to hearing stories about the kids. ~Lexi

  3. your family is in my prayers! What a lot of adjustments you will have. May God give you strength and peace and wisdom as needed. a big hug from this Z momma!