Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's go for a walk ~ China style

Like any country
there are stereotypes

So without making any here,
this is a glimpse of life in this part of China
where we live ~

Beautifully manicured trees and bushes

In the south here,
we have beautiful views of the land

Something I noticed immediately when we were 1st here
adopting Ping back in '09....
The Flora

Orange trees,
rambunctious boys

such beauty and joy

Laundry hanging everywhere
this is a community park

and notice the veg laying out to dry on the bushes

Whacking beans from the trees.

Love seeing all the Grandparents and the children everywhere ~


  1. Beautiful - from the land of snow & 'air that hurts my face'.

  2. So lovely. Memories that make me miss China so much!