Friday, February 21, 2014

Kitchen China Style ~

When Adrian first chose this apartment 6 months ago,
I was nervous
He told me the kitchen was small,
for us North Americans it was 'small'
He had asked for a larger one,
and the Realtor Guy just stared at him,
and said, "This IS huge for us"
Adrian took the apartment.
So now I'm here,
and while yes it is small
trust is Barbie sized
It is mine.
And I love it.
My old kitchen  was large
Like huge.
And I've come to realize you don't need 'large' to cook

This is where our dishes are stored.
One plate and bowl per person.
can we say 'adorable!'

My Barbie sized Beer Fridge, err I mean
my fridge is bursting at the seams.
I have to go to the store almost every day
for the evening's meal.

I've stocked the dry goods.
rice, noodles and
Look! ~ Large Flake Oatmeal
Tupperware is important I was told
so I brought it.
Cockroach season is almost upon us.

I have 2 burners, and no oven.
So I use my double steamer pot and Wok everyday
And my pressure cooker too.
(those things are Scary!)  LOL

Cooking for this crew in my Barbie Kitchen...
is almost a full time job.
I love it.
But I'm about 4" too tall,
I am going to need to invest in a Massage table soon.


  1. So when we come to visit we bring our own bowl, plate & cutlery? And take them away after dinner???? Makes cleaning up after company a whole lot simpler!!??!!! hahaha
    Love the pictures and the update!

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  3. It makes me realize how spoiled I am. I'm sure I would manage just fine, though. I'm glad you're enjoying it.