Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Lukai!

Well someone's Birthday was way back in January....
but we kept on putting it off untill 
we had moved,
and unpacked
and un jetlegged
and figured out how to order a toy from TaoBao
He was very confused to say the least ~

So the day arrived,
when the present came
Excuse the awesome Birthday wrappings

It's a turquoise Excavator
of course.

interestingly enough there is one real life sized
this very color
in HongKong where Adrian is

The boy loves his trucks,
and his Cakes

There is an awesome bakery
just around the corner.

Chinese cakes are SO different,
not very sweet.
and often loaded with fruit.

Kinda like 'em

Tradition in our family is the famous,
Birthday bumps!

He loved it and was slightly terrified!

Happy 5th Birthday
Little Man

'Victorious Journey'


  1. Happy Birthday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his smile! Makes me smile whenever I see it!!

  2. How very sweet and fun!

  3. HAPPY Birthday, Lukai
    Your smile speaks volumes!
    Love you so much, Grandpa Paul & Grandma Kathie

  4. So glad we don't have to keep it a secret that he's 5 anymore. :) Happy Birthday Lukai!

  5. 5 years old! Wow, time passes! Happy Birthday, Lukai!