Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's go for a walk ~ China style

Like any country
there are stereotypes

So without making any here,
this is a glimpse of life in this part of China
where we live ~

Beautifully manicured trees and bushes

In the south here,
we have beautiful views of the land

Something I noticed immediately when we were 1st here
adopting Ping back in '09....
The Flora

Orange trees,
rambunctious boys

such beauty and joy

Laundry hanging everywhere
this is a community park

and notice the veg laying out to dry on the bushes

Whacking beans from the trees.

Love seeing all the Grandparents and the children everywhere ~

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Lukai!

Well someone's Birthday was way back in January....
but we kept on putting it off untill 
we had moved,
and unpacked
and un jetlegged
and figured out how to order a toy from TaoBao
He was very confused to say the least ~

So the day arrived,
when the present came
Excuse the awesome Birthday wrappings

It's a turquoise Excavator
of course.

interestingly enough there is one real life sized
this very color
in HongKong where Adrian is

The boy loves his trucks,
and his Cakes

There is an awesome bakery
just around the corner.

Chinese cakes are SO different,
not very sweet.
and often loaded with fruit.

Kinda like 'em

Tradition in our family is the famous,
Birthday bumps!

He loved it and was slightly terrified!

Happy 5th Birthday
Little Man

'Victorious Journey'

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kitchen China Style ~

When Adrian first chose this apartment 6 months ago,
I was nervous
He told me the kitchen was small,
for us North Americans it was 'small'
He had asked for a larger one,
and the Realtor Guy just stared at him,
and said, "This IS huge for us"
Adrian took the apartment.
So now I'm here,
and while yes it is small
trust is Barbie sized
It is mine.
And I love it.
My old kitchen  was large
Like huge.
And I've come to realize you don't need 'large' to cook

This is where our dishes are stored.
One plate and bowl per person.
can we say 'adorable!'

My Barbie sized Beer Fridge, err I mean
my fridge is bursting at the seams.
I have to go to the store almost every day
for the evening's meal.

I've stocked the dry goods.
rice, noodles and
Look! ~ Large Flake Oatmeal
Tupperware is important I was told
so I brought it.
Cockroach season is almost upon us.

I have 2 burners, and no oven.
So I use my double steamer pot and Wok everyday
And my pressure cooker too.
(those things are Scary!)  LOL

Cooking for this crew in my Barbie Kitchen...
is almost a full time job.
I love it.
But I'm about 4" too tall,
I am going to need to invest in a Massage table soon.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple ~

Like so many other folks out there,
I've been desiring a 'simpler' life
There is even a magazine out there,
that is all about Living Simply
The novelty of this was something
I had hoped I would truly love in practice ~
Life here in Zhongshan,
is very simple
like, go to the market almost everyday to buy food for the day
kind of simple.

Life moves slower here,
I kinda love it
Yeah, even when my lights blow in my kitchen
and I can't figure how to change them
so we cook in the dark,
on my 2 burner cook top
Slow moving life
I think the kids are noticing....

Not a huge variety of 'stuff' to do to fill up our days,
no clubs, extra circular activities, anything
Just simple family time

They seem happy,
I could learn from them ~

Someone here said, "You can't be picky with friends here"
You have to make due with what you have.
Sisters becoming friends.
It's kinda wonderful to watch

The simple joy of finding chocolate at the local shoppe
and having just one before bed,
cuz you have to make them last
Western food isn't everywhere,
and it is on the more costly side.

But we savour every single bite,
yup we sure do!
Today I was so burnt out, and then I got invited to head out to a large Market with the other folks that 'serve' here.  Getting out for some Mommy alone time, albeit to grocery shop, was ....... awesome.   And sure enough I found myself coming home feeling so refreshed.
I found myself sitting back and watching my biggest teachers, my kids,
show me what I've been to tired to see.
Life is beautiful here.
I am so blessed to be here
Thanks kids ~

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day ~ China style

Valentine's day is very special to our little family,
it was the day Adrian 1st asked me out 
(21 yrs together) ~

So although he is the romantic in the relationship,
secretly I love this day.

So how did we celebrate it this year,
in a country that doesn't celebrate Valentine's day?

With my favorite crew,
(Adrian came home from HongKong about 11pm)
and a new friend,
and a little Tim Hawkins!

Anneli brought over homemade cookies!
She has an oven in her apartment,
we don't so this was AWESOME.

Love my Chinese Coke,
way better then Coke from home.

Then when Ade came home,
like always ~ the man never disappoints.
He came with hilarious Chinese snack food
and chocolates. me some 'crunky' chocolate
actually it was very good!

The chips....well ~
they are still here.

The flavors here are well....

Our 1st 'holiday' here, was very special to me.
Can't wait for the next one,
St.Patricks Day right 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Homeschooling in China ~

Well we made it though our first 2 weeks here in Zhongshan,
The 1st week was a blur with jetlag,
and so this week was our 1st one attempting school here in our apartment ~
Monday and Tuesday were a mixed of tears and frustration
(all mine ~ the kids are made of stronger stuff then me)
trying to grasp the concept of this new curriculum I've bought,

But by Wednesday,
something started to 'click'
I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer,
so I was concerned I had bitten off more then I could chew ~

But here we are,
Friday afternoon!
We did it!
We studied our 1st week,
as a family,
all together
And to my surprise....
it was fun!
And I even did the craft for the littles,
which believe me....
is a victory in itself.
I was worried about how to homeschool 5 children
in an apartment
in the South of China
Without developing a drinking problem
(kidding ~ well......)
Lets see what next week holds....

Friday, February 7, 2014

New View ~

I have a new view......

I sit here during the day, doing laundry for 7 people in my Barbie Washer
(I call it Barbie cuz it is teeny tiny and it sings to me
which is fairly normal I'm learning for appliances in China to sing to you)

This is my view from my Granny Smith Apple Stool,
while I'm hanging my clothes
Which I'm learning don't really 'dry' in this humidity...
and it isn't even that humid yet!

A little surprise I found,
(I've found a few..)
in my unpacking
We have the BEST friends I think ~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Departure ~

Well, we flew out Friday night ~

And to say I was completely blown away with the folks
 that turned out on a cold Winter's night to send us off.....
would be the understatement of the year!

I was so close to tears the whole night,
well, who am I kidding....I totally cried
How could I not with the generosity of the love shown to our little family.
And every time I would looked over at my kids,
and saw them smiling and crying and laughing
and saying their good byes, I was reminded.
I remember praying,
 that the most important thing to me
was that all the children would be full of joy and peace
 at this huge move. 
That there would be less sadness and grieving and frustration at this move ~
and He answered my greatest prayer
Because they all, after 2 yrs of preparation,
were ready and wanting this move.
No one was being dragged along against their will.
Thankyou Lord!
(sorry the photo cut off Kole and Adrian)

Someone was in 'Vehicle' heaven on this trip
We traveled by plane
monorail train

And by Sunday noon,
we had arrived!

Now we are jetlagged,
and slowly adjusting to beautiful
tropical, warm *sigh*