Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today was it....
We've been 'all talk' up until this point .....

But not today, there was very little 'talk' today to be honest.....

We've said, we'll leave it all behind and go

Today was our last day in this house
(that it feels like we only just moved into)....

We all said good~bye in our own way
(please don't ask what he is doing,
I just can't explain teenage boys
No Miss G, you can't stay.....

I never want to have to do this again,
or ask my children to do this again.

But I have to say,
that in my lowest moments this past week,
I haven't had to look past my own children,
to see such incredible strength and joy.
They were way beter then this ol'Mom in saying
'Good ~ Bye'
Letting go
In all honesty,
 if I could have known how hard these past 22 months would have been ~
 would I have still said 'Yes'
 to what we trust and believe
the Lord has placed on our hearts to do?
I'm glad I didn't know then,
what it would have really really felt like to sell everything
and walk away from life and security here.
Would I have obeyed, and in faith said,
"Yes Lord send me"
I don't know.
It's been hard on my heart.
But today as I leave the house for the last time, I am so amazed at God's faithfulness to us.  Amazed at my children's hearts, and at their level of trust.  So humbled that God has allowed us to be apart of what He is doing over there in China and New Day.  I have never felt more small and inadequate then I do this past season.  But I am so thankful that He is in the drivers seat.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Joy comes in the Morning.