Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tuesdays in Florida!

So what do you do is Florida ~
When you're on a budget?

My friend Annie,
whom I'll meet finally tomorrow!
(both our girls are from Z)
Gave a great suggestion...

Go tour some Disney resorts!

You know ~ see how the other half lives!

Let me tell you, these Disney resorts are F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s

You can walk around everywhere,
and take it all in ~

These resorts make Christmas look G-O-O-D !

Here we are on the Mono Rail

Leaving the Polynesian Resort and touring around ~

The 1st moment Ping sees the
Magic Kingdom in the distance
~ so precious

Yeah, so the Floridian Resort blew my mind!

My mansion in heaven
 is gonna look like this ;)

Yup some are missing in this picture
Some are battling Influenza A
on some pretty heavy meds
~and some are taking well needed naps


A Ping sized Christmas tree!

Last day of being 36 years old ~

Yeah that is right ~
A REAL gingerbread house!

700lbs of Honey!

Teasing is great for bonding I think ~

I just can't get a bad photo of this guy!

I was shocked when I first saw this photo ~
when did she get so tall!

Yup, the Floridian Resort is awesome!

But there were animals everywhere
at the Polynesian Resort too!
Disney is SO great letting you walk everywhere!

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