Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday ~ Downtown Disney

There is so much to do and see here ~

But we're on a budget,
so you'd think that may limit our options....

But it totally doesn't!

I just want the kids to have fun, relax & bond.
Because while we were here,
our house is being emptied back home.
It's getting 'real'

I want them to feel special ~
in the midst of so much change

So we have discovered ways to have FUN

Spending time together,
rather then spending money ~

They are so precious ~
And they are taking such a huge step of faith right along side us.
Leaving everything behind ~
Having this time together is priceless


  1. Love this post. There is so much to do and see together here and you don't have to always do the big ticket events. Gemma looks so pretty in the photo with the flowers! You oldest is really growing and looks so much like dad. Glad to see Adrian out! Is he a bit better?

    1. You are so right Annie ~ Everything is so beautiful, we saw a Ballet perform there in a stage, and there is a splash much, so magical!

      Ade is slowing healing, but he has more healing to go. We've had some news of H1N1 cases back home.....this is one 'serious' flu :(