Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Fairy Tale Reunion ~ Florida style

Once upon a time ~
In a faraway land

There lived two little girls in an orphanage ~

Although they had each other
They both dreamed of the day
when they would have
a Family of their very own ~
Then the most unexpected thing happened
One of the little girls
was chosen and came home to her new family
leaving the other little girl behind ~
So the other little girl waited
She did not give up hope ~
She dreamed of a Mommy and Daddy
all her own
After 2 1/2 yrs ~
Something wonderful happened
Her dream came true ~

Her Daddy & Mommy came from all the way across the Ocean
and rescued her ~
And brought her home to a Beautiful Place
But how would these two little girls
from the faraway land
Ever get to see each other again?
Well, Miracles do happen!
On a beautiful Sunday afternoon ~
These two little Girls were reunited!
'Sisters' is their Orphanage ~
Now home with their Forever and ever Families
Chance made us 'sisters'
But ~ Hearts make us Friends


  1. God makes so many beautiful stories, doesn't He? I'm especially fond of the happy endings.....

  2. What!! No Way!!!! Oh my tears!!!! Yay GOD! -Debz