Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweet Revenge ~

So perhaps I enjoyed today more then I should have...
~but this Mom was rather enjoying
 seeing Mr. L be on the other side
of the : "Mom!  He's bothering me"
~ pleas for help

I was loving my day today,
watching a precious 1year old 'all boy'
wreck havoc on Mr. L's agenda today

No train set stood a chance of survival

And My wonderful son
I think FINALLY understood
what it feels like
To have a 'Little' on his tail

I think all the rest of us, all 4,
had to stifle some giggles at Lukai's expense.

Yup, Lukai sometimes the 'Little' wins
and you have to find a quiet space
just for yourself!
Your 4 older siblings can sympathize ~
This was great practice for our move to NDS!  LOL