Friday, November 29, 2013

She understands ~

Sometimes I can take things for granted,
and it takes an everyday game of 'Sorry'
to show me how far she has come!
We are a game playing family,
and when Miss P was newly home and for the years following,
she would want to join in on the game.

But my sweet Miss P ~ well she had a real hard time learning certain skills,
like taking turns, remember rules, and the goal of the game.
She just learns differently,
and she has struggled so hard in this area.

She SO wants to 'get it',
and today about half way through the game
I realized she was doing it! 
She was understanding the game! 
There were still some confusion,
but boy oh boy my girl did it!

And with a beautiful gentle, good sportsmanship attitude
 (we all know that feeling of wanting to throw something
 after being put back to the start in the game of 'Sorry')
She was a joy to play with,
and she was so proud of herself
because She understood the game!
Way to go Ping,
And never give up ~