Friday, November 29, 2013

She understands ~

Sometimes I can take things for granted,
and it takes an everyday game of 'Sorry'
to show me how far she has come!
We are a game playing family,
and when Miss P was newly home and for the years following,
she would want to join in on the game.

But my sweet Miss P ~ well she had a real hard time learning certain skills,
like taking turns, remember rules, and the goal of the game.
She just learns differently,
and she has struggled so hard in this area.

She SO wants to 'get it',
and today about half way through the game
I realized she was doing it! 
She was understanding the game! 
There were still some confusion,
but boy oh boy my girl did it!

And with a beautiful gentle, good sportsmanship attitude
 (we all know that feeling of wanting to throw something
 after being put back to the start in the game of 'Sorry')
She was a joy to play with,
and she was so proud of herself
because She understood the game!
Way to go Ping,
And never give up ~

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Journey to Lukai ~

Today is our 2 year Anniversary
of our Forever Family Day

Naughty = Smart?!

The first thing Lukai's Foster mom
said to me that was translated,
was unforgettable ~

She said, "He is SO naughty,
 ~ I will miss him so much"
I laughed and cried, and said that
 "Yes, I understood"

Of Course I shared this with Yulin
 (our Agency Director)
 and she said,
"That means he's very very smart...."
I smiled, and wondered at that comment ~

So yesterday, as he
was behaving rather
with what his Foster Mother had said ,
 I thought I would test Yulin's theory ~

And low and behold,
He calmed right down ~
He loved the challenges I offered him
and can I say....
He was good!
Like smarty pants good
This mommy was shocked ~  


So I may have stumbled upon something wonderful here ~
When Mr. Lukai is being 'hard to handle'
break out the school work......
And maybe
just maybe
we'll see a less 'Crazed' Lukai

But we don't want to
loose TOO much of the Crazy
Cuz it just wouldn't be Lukai
without it ~

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Barbie and Big Brothers ~

Barbie is very important in this family lately
 because of a little sister,
who shall remain nameless,
is obsessed ~
So when we stumbled upon a
Barbie Memory Game at the Dollar Store,
it was like the 'Perfect Storm'
of Barbie & Homeschooling.
So Naturally, everyone was so on board
with a family game
of Brain Building ~ Barbie Memory
*note the very subtle sarcasm

Well between the 15 yr old,
13 yr old, 9 yr old & 7 yr old
you want to guess who won?

I think the photo of the Big Brothers speaks volumes.....

But kudos to them
for playing in the first place I guess,
 sure hope their friends don't find out ~

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Art Party ~

Better late then never ~
Splatter Art with Barbie fun!

Happy 8th Birthday Sweetie, we love you!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweet Revenge ~

So perhaps I enjoyed today more then I should have...
~but this Mom was rather enjoying
 seeing Mr. L be on the other side
of the : "Mom!  He's bothering me"
~ pleas for help

I was loving my day today,
watching a precious 1year old 'all boy'
wreck havoc on Mr. L's agenda today

No train set stood a chance of survival

And My wonderful son
I think FINALLY understood
what it feels like
To have a 'Little' on his tail

I think all the rest of us, all 4,
had to stifle some giggles at Lukai's expense.

Yup, Lukai sometimes the 'Little' wins
and you have to find a quiet space
just for yourself!
Your 4 older siblings can sympathize ~
This was great practice for our move to NDS!  LOL

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dutch Blitz ~

So while walking through the local
Christian Book Store I stumbled upon
a Blast from my Childhood
 ~ Dutch Blitz
I don't know if I am alone in this,
 but our family played
hours and hours of this game
with Grandparents, aunts and uncles ~

Usually more then 1 person left the game bleeding,
and can I say it was a 'tad' loud.

So with memories like that
~ how could I not buy it
and teach the next generation
the joys of Dutch Blitz

Well I had to reread the Instructions,
but thankfully my 'game playing crew'
 are quick learners.
First Game was Slow ~
But they show potential, my crew
You have to have just the right amount
of a competitive streak for this line of work ~
And unlike the Marines ~
you totally leave the other man behind,
with not a look back

Some of my guys are just too nice,
I'll have to work on them I see ~

This week's family devotionals
have all been about Self Control
~  Can we say ironic

I say "Yes" to Self Control 99% of the time.
~ but when it comes to Dutch Blitz.......

Leave it at the door