Tuesday, October 8, 2013


...was beautiful!
Once the clouds broke the sun peeked through
~ we headed outdoors!

One of my heart's greatest desire with my children is that they move from being just 'siblings' to FRIENDS

No peeking! ~ while Action Figure Jesus hides,
when you're playing Jesus Scavenger Hunt y'all

"Where are yooou ~ Jesus!!!"
Was heard all afternoon.... 

"I found Jesus! I found Him!"
(love it)

I loved seeing them all playing together, Wrestling....

Working together....

Being a 'tad' competitive over Jesus ~

Sure there was the odd 'time out' for bad behavior...

But that's to be expected with this group ~ never dull!

I hope they never stop chasing after Him

I hope they never stop teasing eachother!
(Gemma's telling Mr Lukai there is a Monster in the old Barn)

I hope they never stop listening to eachother....

Or looking up to eachother....

Life's Journey is SO much better together ....

Every day together is a gift to be enjoyed

Never give up no matter what

Rest often ~ and Look Up

God's blessing are all around us
~ Go get 'em!

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