Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saturday Eve ~

The eve of Ping's 8th Birthday
was a really great reason to check out
a Famous Local Restaurant
and treat ourselves to some local fare ~
Oh my...... it was SO good!
And the only thing better then the food,
was the company. 
Shane, Debz and their wonderful children
not only joined us for the meal but ~

~ blessed our Ping
with a Shimmery Purple Barbie Birthday Cake
(that she spent her whole afternoon making and decorating!!!) 
and gifts as a surprise!

You should have seen Ping's face,
you should have seen all our faces! 

So love this woman.

The Dudes ~

The Girls ~


  1. Wow, that is what I call "Lobster", I'd be scared to sit in front of it.... :-) !