Monday, October 7, 2013


...turned out to be a windy, rainy, turn on the woodstove
 ~ kinda day
So after doing some school work in the morning.....
..we broke out the boardgames for some friendly competition...

This game used to STRESS me out ~ they've made it way easier now with huge openings! 

The biggest set of 'Pick up Sticks' I've ever seen! 
Straight from family in Croatia

It was so cozy with the rain and wind blowing outside,
sitting by a fire ~

Dawson was at a disadvantage he said.....excuses excuses :)

I am loving this new 'Guess Who' version though ~

But the favorite game in this family ~ hands down ~ is RISK

The only thing that could have made this Blustery Day Better ~ is the best RISK player in the world.