Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013


2 Steps Forward ~ 1 Step Back
That is the season we are in with Mr. L
Maybe it's because we're moving to China
Maybe it's because Daddy has been in China
more then he has been home this past year. 
Which I know Daddy hates, but such is life right now.
Maybe it's just another stage of Grieving he is working through.
Maybe I am doing something wrong that is causing it.
But the Raging,
which for those who have walked this journey
know it is SO not the same as a tantrum,
is back ~
Maybe it never left,
Maybe we just were experiencing a 'break'
But it's back ~
The screaming, hitting, scratching, punching, kicking,
mommy is back.
(He doesn't do this to anyone else only Mommy and Daddy)
Yesterday I didn't handle it great.
I admit it
I am so disappointed with myself for being drawn in.
However ~ Today was better.
I didn't get angry, I just held him until he stopped.
Some may disagree, and I would love to
hear other knowledgeable thoughts on this!
But I held him, really that makes it sound nicer then what it was. 
I restrained him gently but firmly. 
I didn't cause him any pain,
but I held him till he calmed.
About 30 minutes
When he stops he often stays curled up on my lap,
even though I'm not stopping him from getting off. 
And he stays and snuggles in
and just breathes
and breathes deeply
and sometimes falls asleep after.
What do you do with a Raging Child? 
If you have one
or have had one,
What do you do,
What works for you?
What do you wish you knew when you were in my position?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Maze ~

I met my Nemesis today ~
The biggest baddest Corn Maze ever ~

Yeah ~ I feel you Lukai, they terrify me too 

Dawson was almost swallowed up by It today ~
*whew close call

Corn War broke out between the Girls and Boys ~

See the Maze brings out the worst in all sorts ~

Then they turned on me of all people!
Traitors I tell y'all

He was one of the casualties
~ had to be done


Prisoners had to be taken ~

Others were let off on 'cute' behaviour ~
We live to battle it again
Corn Maze

East Point

We went to the farthest East Point of the Island
Stunning Colors~

Boardwalks to walk over beautiful wetlands and delicate Dunes ~

Kole finding a quiet spot to sit and take in all in ~

Dawson ~

Lukai fearless as always charging the waves ~

Ping ~

Gemma at the Eastern most tip of the island
where SO many sunken ships are resting
at the bottom of the Ocean here
~  She loves this

Ping's smile is even bigger and brighter
then the EastPoint Lighthouse's Light
we all agree ~

 'The best of me' right on the edge of the cliffs
overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
almost completely surrounding us
on 3/4 sides of us ~
Amazing to be out on the point like that!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday ~

~ was all about the dunes

Everyone who knows us,
knows that Adrian is the 'responsible' parent. 
I'm the 'other' parent. 

The one that lets 4 year olds play on cliffs
overlooking crashing waves.

Today's Beach was a Dunes Beach
with Massive Dunes everywhere!

And of course the most beautiful cliffs

Love seeing these 5 rest well ~

~ and play hard

Love these guys ~

They take my breathe away just as much as this scenery does

I think we took about half the sand home with us today ~