Thursday, September 19, 2013


Sometimes an idea actually comes together as you hope.....

I really love seeing the kids spend so much time together
 now that we are homeschooling ~

Big Brothers helping Little Sisters *sigh*

Building friendships from sibling'ships

It's working!

Mid Autumn Festival is all about 
being thankful for the harvest & family

 ~ and seeing how not 'everyone' is here right now.....

...I am so enjoying seeing these relationships deepen.

So thankful 

The boys have no idea how much their girls adore them ~

From a 'not so good' homeschooling Mom, 
and a 'not so crafty' Mom 

 ~ the giggles are the best encouragement to this Tired Mom's heart


  1. Love all the smiles on their faces! And what sweet big brothers!

  2. Love it! Those are my most favorite lanterns this year! :-)

  3. So sweet to see the brothers helping their sisters!! My boys treat our girls like exotic pets......and annoying little varies. Good job on the home schooling!! My worst nightmare.......that I might have to home school. Are you IN CH*NA??? or is Adrian just gone?

  4. Cool.... :-)
    They sure look happy....