Thursday, August 29, 2013

T is for Tantrum

T is for Tantrum.....

...which you would never know by the look of the photos 
~ had just ended.....

....they use to last as long as 2hrs, 
but this last one ended after only 20min, 
AND no one was hurt in the process! 

He eventually calmed down, and came out of his room, quite a bit tireder and dehydrated I'm sure from all the screaming and crying.....

Funny they used to annoy me SO much, 
but I'm learning I guess you could say.  
You see ~ they're not personal (duh, took me a while to learn that)

And something interesting happens 
when I don't take his 'little rage fests' personal 
~ I see what he really needs.

Not discipline, not 'talking to', but rather to be 'filled up'....

...literally filled up with water, food, cuddles & who knew ~ alphabet BINGO.

Cuz, if I've learned anything these past 3.5 yrs...I've learned this ~
 Only God can heal their little hearts and minds.  
Only God can help them attach, to feel at rest, to feel secure.
Only God can restore a calmness and self control within them.
Kinda takes the pressure of this tired old Momma.

I used to think if I did everything right, 
she too would heal faster, 
she would feel more secure, 
she would stop raging too.

Boy was I humbled when I learned 
that her healing was never my responsibility.   
That I was never made to carry that yoke.  
I only learned that after failing and failing again by her.
Parenting children with broken pasts 
humbles the once 'seasoned' parent.  
I honestly thought I knew it all.
I knew nothing.  
I saw the pride and arrogance within my self 
more and more those first 2yrs.  

It's not about me, 
it's about them.
I can't heal them.

But I know the ONE who can and will.

I just have to stay out of the way.....
and do the one thing He has asked & equipt me to do,
LOVE them.

No matter what


  1. Beautifully said! They are wonderful kids and you are all blessed to have bee brought together.

  2. Ahhhh... what peace that brings hey? Thank you for that reminder. I often hear that people who adopt GROW so much in the Lord, this is something I'm bracing myself for/looking forward to. They're such beautiful children:) Cathy C.

  3. Something we need to keep reminding ourselves "God is in charge of the healing"

  4. Good-one Ade....


  5. I need to send my 14 year old room more to his room. Darling family!

  6. When I was realizing we were being called to adopt I was freaked about trying deal with all the emotional issues that surround adopted kiddos. A bible verse helped me and gave me the courage to move ahead: He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, Psalm 147:3. It was then that I realized that it was HIS job to heal the "emotional wounds" and my job to love them. So thankful.