Saturday, May 25, 2013


He is my Joy....
...most days

Everyone knows tantrums are normal.....

...but tantrums of children with so much hurt and anger inside

are a whole other 'type' of tantrum

Raging, ear piercing shrill screams, roaring

when they feel out of control and powerless

We've got the scars on our arms, legs and face to testify

....but today we celebrate that they are shorter...and less violent

... still shockingly loud, and still draw confused glares from uninformed strangers....

But we have HOPE because we've witnessed one dramatically healed child ~ who used to rage without self control

We can wait and we can pray...

Because we are FAMILY and we're not going anywhere....


  1. Love this post. You have me in tears.

  2. Adrian, I chanced upon your post a while back and check often to read the updates. Thoroughly enjoy seeing the pictures and the accompanying text. Your children are lovely, tantrums and all.

  3. We are celebrating shorter, less violent tantrums right along with you. :)

  4. I just love these pictures & titles. They bring tears to my eyes and also my heart sings for joy at the healing - but also for the beautiful picture of God's love for us!!!
    Thanks for sharing