Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele

She must have missed the memo.....

..the one that told her she needs to be careful....

...the one that labels her 'Myelomeningocele' girl

....the one the reminding her that she was born with her spinal cord outside her body

...that she has real nerve damage and baffles our Spina Bifida doctors

I guess today she forgot her limitations...

...we'll read 'that' memo another day ~ or not


  1. I love how she did not get the memo. Love how God works. She is a sweetie :)

  2. Adrian, that is so inspiring to see her laughing and playing and not worrying about anything! I hope that as she continues to get older that she will always be brave and courageous and never let myelomeningocele hold her down! You go girl! ^.^

  3. This is awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Yay God!

  4. That smile says it all: she will be defined by what she does, not by what she is told she is supposed to be unable to do. :-)

  5. Or not! Go Girl Go! the sky is the limit!!!