Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy (Canadian) Thanks Giving!

Happy Thanks Giving to all our fellow Canadians out there!  We decided to celebrate our Canadian Thanks Giving in the very traditional manner of killing some poor turkey who probably didn't deserve it, I mean, he seemed like a nice Turkey.  Probably a good family man.  You know, running out to the barn yard each day, bringing home the bacon for the family and little turk-lets, helping the chicks with their homework, maybe tucking them in.  And the all of a sudden one day, WHAM!  He's on our table, and into our bellies.


Anyway, Misses Yeti made a lovely spread... with all the fixings.  The kids all helped out.
Senior K helped cook the Pumpkin Pies.
Big D made the Turkey Stuffing.
Miss G made the Pumpkin Pie.
Ping made the Corn-Bread.
Bing, well, he didn't help, but at least he didn't throw any toy cars are us.

And then, after everything was eated, we closed the celebrations with the rousing Canadian tradition of dancing poorly to an insanely catchy Korean pop song!  Enjoy!