Monday, November 14, 2011

Science and Tech Museum in Beijing

NOTE:  Luaki IS with his mother now.  Awaiting photos and more news!

While in Beijing, everyone got to go to the Science and Tech Museum - which is apparently beside the Olympic Water Cube.  It is not normally on the tour - but we knew BigD would LOVE it!  It just so happens that we have a good family friend who is in Bejing, so they accompanied them to the museum.  Apparently, this museum is like 5x bigger than any museum we have here in Ottawa.  Figures.  I mean, Beijing is like 21 times bigger than Ottawa.  :-)

Our friends T, and his daddy 'Allan'.  I don't mind using
Allan as his name, because I'm pretty sure that is not
his real name anyway.  :-)

Mouth is smiling, eyes are sleeping.

BigD looks to tired!

One of the 4 IMAXes in the museum!

I guess its an OmIMAX, the screen wraps right around

AWESOME!  An Angry Bird Car!

And a Plant VS Zombie CAR!?!

Re-enacting the battle between the Snow Pea Shooter and the Zombie.
Everyone sing with me now... 'we don't want zombies on our lawwwwwn,
we don't want zombies on our lawn'.  YouTube it.  Plants VS Zombie song.
See what happens when I'm up all night waiting for news?!?!

I so want this car.