Saturday, November 12, 2011

China Update

Hey, I've been putting off putting up a post because I still have not received any photos from the Wife.  Not that she isn't trying.  All the power of the technological universe at our finger tips, and yet uploading photos to a web album has us stumped.  Oh well.  I'll update this with photos later...

Image this is an awesome picture of the Wife
and BigD in Beijing

So the Wife and BigD wasted no time getting started in China.
They have managed to:

  • meet up with the Wife's friend living in China and visited her apartment (which is no bigger than our living room)
  • go to the New Day Orphanage and drop off medicines and baby formula 
    • the orphanage was so thankful for the asthma medicines because it will help the children fend off phenomena (or something), and apparently, with all the donations which came in, they were able to donate enough baby formula "to feed the orphanage through the whole winter" - so again, a big THANK YOU to all who helped donate!
  • go to IKEA in Beijing and purchase the 15 high chairs, and have them shipped to the orphanage in Taiyuan
  • went to the bank and exchanged more of the donation money (including the over 1000$ from Braided Tresses (whose Mom is with my Wife in China right now))
  • went to the Beijing Science and Tech Museum (I bet BigD LOVED that - can't wait for pictures) with our good friends Brother in Law and son
  • and by now, she should be getting on (or already on) a train headed to Taiyuan
I mean, that is the short list.  And it has only been like what, 72 hours in China?  Or something like that.

But hey, I've been productive here.  I mean, I did a load of laundry.

... that counts for something... right?  *siiiiigh*

Oh, and in like 24 hours ... or less than actually, its 12:40pm Sunday in China... so in 21 hours and 20 minutes or so, my Wife and BigD should be meeting Lukai for the 1st time.  YAY!!!


  1. From your Favorite nieces, we all send our love and prayers. Ikea in Beijing - Wow! Train travel in China - amazing! We wish we were with you. We miss you lots. Love J, K, L & A. R - you are amazing, our prayers were answered. We are continuing to pray for peace for Lukai & that he will not be afraid and for peace & comfort for his foster family. It must be so sad for them. We pray that all your travel experiences will awesome experiences and safe. D - wow - all these experiences! We can hardly wait to hear them! Love and prayer and hugs!! GD & GP

  2. THANK YOU for the update!!! Even w/o pics it is SOOO good to hear news, and good news too! As a Z group follower, much prayer is going into this trip. We are so excited to see God at work in you all! Blessings!

  3. Great to hear that things are going very well! Nothing lost and everything to the right place! I knew she could do it! ;o) Praying that Lukai will not be afraid and that he accepts Roberta and Big D!

  4. Keep me posted on the quality of the trainride. We will do the same on dec. 3th to get our daugther from Shanxi!