Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cakes can be Sneaky (new Pictures of Lukai)

This is why we send cakes to our waiting children in China.  See, you get pictures!  Because we can't really send a cake... so we send money FOR a cake.  Then, the orphanage to PROVE they actually spend the money ON a cake, they have to take pictures OF the cake they bought... and send them to us.

Did Lukai really NEED a cake?  No.  But did we NEED new, updated, cute, adorable pictures of Lukai?!  Yes!  :-)  So here are some new pictures.
Poor little guy looks like he is scared, or getting yelled at...?

Mama + Baba, we're guessing...

Who said boys aren't cute?

I love the way the girl on the left is happy, and the further right you go, the un-happier they all look.

So close... yet still so far from home...

I shall eat this cake, but I won't like it!

Now, you might notice that no one REALLY looks happy... well, except for the one girl on the far left.  I think she is the daughter in law... but anyway, these pictures actually made the wife pretty sad.  Because no one looks happy, you know that Lukai leaving the only family he has known for his whole life is a sad thing... and you can see it in the pictures.

No me, this makes me happy.  Happy that they are sad that he is leaving.  Because that means they must have loved him right?  That they are sad he has to leave.  I would hope that they are happy for him as well... but really, if the pictures came back and the Foster Parents are all HAPPY and HIGH FIVE-ing each other, I'd be like... uh oh... why are they so happy to be getting rid of him!?  What are we in for?!?!  :-)

Anyway, happy thoughts... he looks great, healthy, and boy I can't wait to get him home.  :-)


  1. You got pictures!!!!! Yay! He is so beautiful!

  2. Do you think they look so unhappy as the cake is a reminder that they are about to lose Lukai? Lukai is beautiful, he looks healthy too! Can't wait to see him with your family!

  3. Oh, these pictures break my heart on so many levels! We are still in frequent contact with our youngest's foster family. Their adult daughter is able to email and recieve pictures through email. We use google translator--- not perfect but it works.

    Have your hotel contact info in China ready to hand to the foster parents as well as your home contact info if you want to maintain contact. I think many SWI discourage it. Our Foster family knew the drill and refused to leave the SWI until we arrived. The foster mom forced her way half way into our van before I could get out and directly handed me bags for Clara Rose. The SWI staff was quick to separate everyone and ushered us and our youngest into a closed room away from the foster family.

    We had instructed our guide prior to arriving(repeatedly and adamantly) that we would like to meet with the foster family if possible. We did end up meeting with them outside of the adoption process.

    The day that Clara Rose came into our family was the most heartbreaking experience of my life.

    The conflicting emotions are really hard to explain.

  4. Vicky: Yes, I do think this is true. I think it is a physical reminder that yes, Lukai is leaving.

    Reena: Oh I wish I were there to meet the family as well. I will make sure the Wife has all our contact information - thanks for the tip! And yes, conflicting emotions are hard to explain, especially to those who have not gone thought it.

  5. I am sure that his "family" can't figure out how come you "got" him, as apparently boys are not easy to get for adoption in China.
    He is sure cute....

    If Lukai would have been a girl, they all would be laughing. (just kidding...)


  6. They kind of look like you may have to fight them for him??? Maybe you'd better reconsider going along! He is adorable:) I can see why they would want to keep him! I like that he has a hand on his babbas hand, and mamma is hanging on tight, like he might be taken away:) Scary sneaky cake people. I will pray that they are preparing him in a positive way for adoption. Blessings to you all!

  7. It is another loss in his short life. He may be sad, trumatized, and angry. That is normal and okay. You can be there to comfort him and support him through this difficult process. Poor little guy.

    My daughter lost significant weight prior to her "hand-off". It is never easy for these little ones. Wish you all best as you walk this path.

  8. I like him! But they definately look like they want to fight you for him...want me to tag along with Roberta? I'll fight em off with my pointy elbows and keen fashion sense!

  9. Andrea: Hahahah! Awesome! All those years fearing the elbows of death and the eye poking, and now, I cherish them. Yes, we will send you as our "enforcer". :-)

  10. I am so glad you have updated pictures of Lukai to help during these last days of your wait. I am also happy that Lukai will have these pictures of the family that cared for him, what a great gift for him, one I really wish we had.

  11. LOVE the sneaky cake photos! Those are my favourite kind of photos, dontcha know? :)

    Maybe you already have a plan for this, but for our last trip I got wise and made up business cards (cheapy, print you own kind) with our e-mail and some info in English and Mandarin with the kids' photos on them. Somehow they were just the thing to slip into hands without any offical eyes seeing. Trust me - I was not so prepared the first two trips and this has really paid off in maintaining contact since the trip. I try to stick to the rules in most areas, but this is one area that I was not ashamed to bend. I just did it on the sly. There I confessed. Whew! I feel better. Now, go hug your wife and remind her that she's going to do great!

    Oh, and that Lukai is going to be a heartbreaker just like his big brothers.