Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Donations for Taiyuan Orphanage

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太原市社会福利院的捐赠Donations for Taiyuan Orphanage
我的爱人和我现在从山西,太原收养一个男孩子。十一月九号,我的爱人去中国把我们的儿子带回家。她想为孤儿院买东西。My wife and I are adopting a little boy from Taiyuan, Shanxi.  On November 9th, my wife will travel to China to bring our son home. She had (a great) idea to buy things for the Orphanage.
我们采访了他们和他们告诉我们他们有需要很东西。太原市社会福利院已要求十五个高脚椅。We have been in contact with the orphanage in Taiyuan, and they have indicated that they have a need for many things, including 15 High Chairs (from IKEA).
你可以看在IKEA - 高脚椅 和高椅托盘。这个东西成本99¥ 和25¥ (大约$22)。The High Chairs (and High ChairTrays) can be viewed on the IKEA website - and cost ¥99 and ¥25 respectively (or, approximately $22(ish)).
我们希望可以买了到十五高脚椅。We are hoping to be able to supply the orphanage with all 15 High Chairs.
... sorry, I can't keep the translations up.So this is where you all come in.  If you have ever felt like you wished there was something you could do to help some orphans in China - this is your chance. 
 So, instead here is a link to some of the wonderful children you will be able to help out!  Click on the links to see the galleries of pictures.We are looking to raise approximately $330 for the high chairs and trays, plus a little for shipping them from Beijin to Taiyuan.
If that wasn't enough cuteness, here, look at our son, then say you won't be able to help out!
Any amount of donation will gladly be accepted, and if we are able to collect more than the $330, then we will be able to buy  extra baby formula (and other things they have requested).

Unfortunately, we are not a charitable organization so we can not provide receipts for any donations - we are just people trying to help some orphans.

We will however, take lots of pictures to show the effect you can have on an orphanage and the children in their care!

Please contact us at berzenji@gmail.com if you are able to help out in any way!

Thank you!
Adrian, Roberta + Family - and the hundreds of children who will be benefiting from your generosity!

Taiyuan Orphanage Website:  http://www.taiyuan-fly.com/
Taiyuan Charity w/ Orphanage:  http://www.littleflowerprojects.org/

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