Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

... so yea, Its been a while since there has been a post here.
It's not like we haven't been busy.
I've got a few blogs in the work, everything from the dreaded Middle Child Syndrome, Thanksgiving, Daddy needing to be taken to the Doctor to "fix his dance", 15 Year Wedding Aniversary, Country Fairs, Ping Starting Chinese Dance Classes, some great Yeti Questions and more.
Alas, due to the construction beginning, and the Wife and Son #2 heading out to China in 28 days... it has been a little too crazy to blog lately.
My bad.
I'll fix that soon.

Until there, and to make amends for not posting lately, I shall now post a random story of some Russians trying to find my cousin:  (no, not my cousin Daryl in DisneyLand)

Oh, actually, here are a couple more pictures of some of our guides while we were in China in '09.

Vivian - one of the Guides in Beijing

Fae - another Beijing Guide ... helping calm Ping @ the Silk Factory.
Even the guides our Adoption Agency gets are amazing.  Fae
spent the rest of the afternoon helping Ping, holding her hand,
talking to her, calming her down. That wasn't her job... but she did it.

Becky - our guide in the GuangDong (广东) province.  She was great.
She also tried to speak in Mandarin with me, which was fun, until
were were filling out government paper work and she kept giving
instructions in Chinese...
I was like "No!  Not now!  English!  This is important!"
Anyway, thought I would post those here as I know some followers in the ZhongShan (中山) group were wondering about the guides.

Oh, and one last thing about the title of the post... that whole "Calm Before the Storm" theory... pffffffbth.  :-)

But my wife is amazing.  She has plans to hit up the New Day Orphanage in Bejing (she is looking for Donations from local drug stores to bring Medical Supplies) and she is trying to arrange getting some High Chairs from Beijing (北京) IKEA to Lukais orphanage in Tiayuan (太原).


  1. I can't wait to follow your journey to China. I hope you/they post often! Good Luck with all the projects!

  2. we too are very curious about the journey! We will be going to Taiyuan ourself (our child is from the same province, not the Taiyuan SWI).
    Looking for interesting things to see, do and buy there!

  3. I had to laugh on the Ikea thing!! It is awesome that these (shopping) skills help, even when traveling! The $12 high chairs are amazing though, and so easy to clean!!

  4. I know Roberta will be in good hands with Vivian and Faye, we were so pleased with all they did for us.

    I am looking forward to seeing and reading about Roberta's trip to Taiyuan, remind her to pack lots of warm clothes!

    Wishing we were heading back again with you all...

  5. V & F were incredible (as was Mary in Nanchang). So helpful! Seeing their pictures always brings me back to China.