Friday, September 2, 2011

Passing the Time with PhotoShop

Oh look, apparently Lukai wants an LOA as well... and new pants.

Someone started a thread on an adoption forum where they photo shopped their child with a sign asking for an LOA... so now, I'm adding to that.  :-)

Yeeeeess, waiting makes you do strange things.


  1. I sure would like to get me one of those signs for my waiting daughter. Maybe you can share some ponters on your blog?

  2. That is just too cute! Praying daily for that LOA!

  3. Love it! Today or Next Tuesday is your day!! Well, maybe Monday if you get mail on Monday? It is a holiday in the US. Anyway, Good luck!!

    I am making a trip to Ikea sometime soon. A project or two is what we need to pass the time, lol

  4. Goodness! Surely that LOA is on the way this week! I don't know how you have been able to make it through this wait.