Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Day

So Ping came home recently so very proud of herself that she "stayed on 'GREEN'" the whole day.  Her new teacher uses a colour system to determine how well behaved the kids are.  If they don't listen to the teacher, they get 'YELLOW', kind of like the Yellow Card or Red Card in Soccer, except with less diving and fake injuries (I'm looking at you the Italian Football team!).  Ping has gotten a couple of yellow cards, and maaaaaaybe one or two red cards for various reasons (eh, the other kid had it coming!)...  but today!  Today she was GREEN!  And that is a good thing.

And then as if things couldn't get better, we get our building approval!  YAY!  We can start with the construction on Lukais new room.  The dog even started helping out... yup, I figure all the holes he is digging in my backyard is the dog trying to help excavate for our new foundation.
We thought the construction would almost be done by now!
And then as if things couldn't get even better yet... I get this:
Hi Adrian and Roberta;

Here is some updated information on Wu Yan Bing.
His height is 93cm, weight: 13 kg, head circumference: 49 cm, chest circumference: 52cm, foot length: 15cm, teeth: 20.
He can control his bowel movements and urination. Last time I was told that he could control urine well.
He is still with the forster family.

Best regards
<adoption agency>
And then if THAT couldn't get any better, it was attached with THESE:

Now, I'm going to go out, and buy me a Lottery Ticket!  Cuz I'm feeling pretty lucky right about now!  Whooo-hoooo!


  1. Congratulations to you and Ping! You better get moving on that construction. Not much time left, and what sweet pics you received. He is a handsome fella.

  2. That is all wonderful! Way to go, Ping! So glad you shared all of your good news!

  3. Love the pictures! What a wonderful day! Permits, Green Lights and Pictures, it just doesn't get any better! I can't believe you are so close to traveling! What an exciting time for you!

  4. Precious!! What a GREAT day... I agree, go get that lottery ticket ;)

  5. Yeah Ping!!! way to go!!
    And holy is that little man adorable!! Can't wait to meet him!!! So happy you got a great update!! And can start construction!! Yes i think you should go out and get a lottery ticket!!!

  6. Congrats on all the wonderful news! The new pictures are adorable! And way to go, Ping! Same color system here; Haleigh has had yellow all week. Sighing and hoping for a better tomorrow!

  7. LOVE to hear so much good news all at once!

  8. So happy for y'all!!! You deserve all of this and go buy that ticket!