Friday, September 9, 2011


Oooooh, 1 day before my b-day!  The 6th would have made it
the BEST birthday present EVER!
That's the number.
Not 133.
And 134 is RIGHT out... unless proceeding to 135.
Not 136.
That is how many days until we got our LOA in hand.
It was issued at 132 days.
The sign from last post, it works!

Wife getting the email that the LOA arrived.  Yes, totally legit,
not a staged photo at ALL!  K just *happened* to be there,
with a camera... and... uh, it was on... and ready to go...
so he took the picture because... uh... he likes taking pictures
of his mom reading emails!  Yea!  That's it!  TOTALLY the
real reaction there from the wife!
Now, what dose 135 days mean coming to an end mean?
Well... it means:
  • the wife might go 24 hours without crying
  • the wife might go 24 hours without ordering anything from the Shopping Channel
  • the humane society will have to find some other poor sucker to finish adopting all 450 dogs and 700+ cats in their care
  • and, we are 135 days closer to bringing Lukai home

Now, what has happened in those 135 days while we were waiting?
Well... the following has happened:
  • my wife is now mentioned by name on the Shopping Channel
  • I have started a petition with the CRTC to REMOVE the Shopping Channel from the Basic Cable Package
  • my wife has cried for 42 days straight
  • my parents booked a trip to come visit us for Christmas
  • my wife has called our adoption agency over 17 times re: our LOA
Signing the LSC.

What have I learned during the 135 day wait? 
Well... I have learned the following:
  • the CRTC requires at least 500 signatures before they will review a petition to remove a channel from its programming
  • that having a dog, a cat and 2 birds all under one roof can make fore some interesting times
  • the humane society has a "frequent buyer" program
Sooo yea, there you have it folks!  Thanks for all those who stood with us in prayer and waiting.  We've got the LOA, about to put it back in the mail and starting plans for the wife and D to goto China Nov 12 ~ 24th to bring Lukai home!  YAY! 

There just aren't enough emoticons to express our joy and happiness!  :-)

If you are wanting to stay happy, you should stop reading now... :-)

Some sad facts about Adoption and 135 days...
  • a child is born every 8 seconds, which means 10800 children are born every day, which means 1,458,000 children were born in the 135 days while we were waiting for our LOA
  • 6,000,000 children die of starvation every year, which means 2,220,000 children have died from starvation alone while we waited for our LOA
  • 762,000 MORE children die in 135 days than those who are born
  • there are still roughly 147,000,000 children waiting for adoption
  • if one child could be adopted every hour, it would still take 6,125,000  days to adopt all the children who currently need families
  • if one child could be adopted every minute, it would still take 102,100 days to adopt all the children who currently need families
  • yet, it would only take 26,045 days for all the children needing a family to die of starvation
How can our hearts not be moved to try to change this?!  Our joy is a stark contrast to the reality which so many people are facing in the world today.  So when people ask, "Why are you so excited about a simple LOA?" ... this is why, because our son is not going to be one of the 147 MILLION orphans for any longer.


  1. So excited for all of you! I can't wait to see it unfold. In other news, we leave for China on Thursday. Any advice from you been there done that types is greatly appreciated!

  2. Ooooh, talk to the wife. She will have lots of advice. Mine is simply this: Don't ask what you are eating. Kidding. :-) You will have a great trip... do contact my wife though.

  3. Ok - first part of post REALLY funny! Second part VERY sad. I'm so glad you have LOA - and am in your shoes now -waiting for LOA #2. The first one doesn't mean much till the second arrives. I can't wait to follow along - best wishes for fast travel!!

  4. 147,000,000-1. Good stuff indeed!
    Congratulations, finally!
    nancy-of the crazy 8s (soon to be 9)

  5. I am truly happy for you and your family. I, too, understand the pain of waiting (and waiting and waiting...and waiting).

  6. So incredibly thankful that it finally came! November will be one momentous month for you all (once again!).

  7. Very happy for you guys! Your wait was WAY too long. :( Looking forward to seeing Lukai in your arms.

  8. SOOOO happy for you guys...finally!!!!

  9. LOA is our next step and we were reading 'average amount of time' and I corrected hubby's reading and said, "I know a family that's waiting more than 120 days.... well, I can now tell him 135 days is his number....

  10. Yea!!!!! Congratulations!! Now it is time to start counting days to TA.

    Best Wishes it goes quicker!

  11. So, so, so , so, SO happy for you all! Time to start packing and buying all the things you will need in Taiyuan in November!

  12. What a wonderful answer to prayer! I am so happy for your family--especially little Lukai. Let the travel planning begin!

  13. So happy for you! An answer to prayer. The second part of your post was hard facts. But one little guy will soon be coming home to his family and will not be an orphan any longer! That is joy!

  14. Congrats guys! So exciting...can't wait to see you with your new little guy!

  15. Yessssss !! I am so happy for both of us....