Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome home ... Jet + Mariline?!

Our son D with his 2 birds at the humane society: Jet and Mariline
(or something, why do you bother naming birds?)

Humane Society Staff #1 (HS1):  Oh look, here comes a nice looking family to adopt more pets!
Humane Society Staff #2 (HS2):  Yup, looks like a Mom and a bunch o 'kids.
HS1:  Hmmmmm... single Mom?
HS2:  Nope, I see a ring on her finger.  Oh!  I bet she is adopting more pets without telling her husband!
HS1:  Yes!  Right!  Because that happens ALL the time.
HS2:  I'll bet you $20 that she didn't tell her husband.
HS1:  You're on!
HS2:  Hi!  Welcome to the Humaine Soci... oh, its you guys again!  How is Electra?
Wife:  Electra is great!  She sleeps on my bed, and has replaced my husband.  This adoption is doing strange things to my head.
HS1:  Well what can we do for you today, do you want another dog?
Wife:  No, not another dog.  My son would like a couple of birds!
HS1:  Oh, and is the husband OK with that?  He didn't seem to happy about the dog?
Wife:  Oh he loves the dog now.  Annnnd, well, when we spoke, he said "No birds!"
HS2:  HA!  See!  Where is my 20$!
HS1:  Wait a second, she said she DID tell her husband.  The bet wasn't that she wasn't going to listen to him.  Just that she told him.
Wife:  That's right, I did tell him.  I'm just ignoring him.
HS2:  Okay, well, we can hook you up with a couple of birds...
Son:  YAY!!!  Oh look!  There is a crazy one!  I want that one!
... a little while later ...
Wife:  Okay, we are ready to go.  Lets go kids!
HS1:  Goodbye!  Good luck with the birds!
HS2:  ... and come back tomorrow!  We'll help you get a cat!

Okay, so maybe the conversation didn't go exactly like that... I mean, I wasn't there, so how could I know.  But I have a sneaky suspicion that it went something like that.  They did tell the wife to come back today though to get a cat... that part I know.

Sooooo, yes, we now have:  mice (unwanted), a cat (unintended), a dog (replaced me dearly loved), two budgies (snack for the cat) and I'm falling ever lower on the food chain.

Daughter G with Electra, okay, fine, she is a cute dog...

This Letter Of Authorization / Travel Approval from China has GOT to come NOW!  If it takes much longer, you are going to see me posting about the wife adopting a Llama... or Alpaca... there are a couple farms near by.  I think the wife is really just trying to adopt ANYTHING just to have some sort of adoption complete.  I'm getting scared a little.  She might start taking in strays... and no, I don't mean dogs... like, homeless bums living on the streets of Ottawa... she might start taking them in, cleaning them up, calling them slightly Asian sounding English names and sending care packages to the Salvation Army for raising them thus far.

*siiiigh*  Anyway, on a side note, I'm really proud of our son D who adopted these birds.  This is a big step for him, to have something that he has to care for and take care of, hopefully without killing them...

Oh, and yes, I did buy a "stereo" - but it was for the wife ... there will be a blog about that later...

Oh, and to all you other Adoptive Moms out there, "encouraging" my wife with new animals to adopt... STOP IT!  You're not helping!  :-)


  1. Um, yeah...I am a bit concerned about where this is headed if TA doesn't come soon! No encouragement here...we are a strictly anti-pet family!

  2. Still no LOA? Praying for you all. Ummmm, pets? That is not my particular brand of crazy.

  3. I know a couple of families who own skunks and raccoons for pets. Don't worry, I won't tell your wife. At your house, I guess LOA has come to stand for Lots of Animals!

  4. LOA = Lots of animals! I love it!

    I still think a rabbit would be a good addition. They're quiet and not a lot of work! But then we have two dogs, three cats, and a rabbit, so I have my own zoo! I will have to add, though, that one of the dogs and two of the cats were left by one of our grown children who when she moved out did not take her pets as promised when she got them! Make sure you get that in writing if you expect your son to take his birds!

    On a serious note, I pray your real LOA comes quickly!

  5. lies in the netherlandsAugust 16, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    can - not - stop - laughing

  6. What? What do you mean no more pets. I bet one of your kids would like to have a ferret! What about some gerbils or hamsters?

  7. You have to admin that's one cute puppy and one cute picture!! I can't see how anyone could resist that puppy!

  8. Ya'll are cracking me up! That cat at least might teake care of the birds for you. Don't tell your son I said that!
    -rem from RQ
    Can't wait to hear about your wife's stereo!

  9. You can spin wool from Alpaca Fur. It brings a pretty good price.


  10. If you're interested, the nice lady who lives across the street from my folks has an alpaca farm here in Maryland... Sometimes she shows us pictures (they all have names), sometimes she brings over samples of the wool... :-)

  11. This is one of the funniest posts I've read in a while! LOL!