Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome home ... Electra?!

* BING *  You've got mail!

Hmmmm... an email from the wife.  Huh.  I wonder what it says.  Odd title.  "Guess where we r..."
Sounds harmless enough.
Oh look, no text, but a photo attached.

Ottawa Humane Society...
you know... where  the Dogs are?
We've talked about this... LOTS... over the years.
She wants a dog.
She always had.
She grew up with Dogs.
I want a stereo.
I grew up with a stereo.
She said no Stereo, I said no Dogs.
I still don't have a stereo.

Because you know what... THAT's what we need right now!  More chaos and MORE "Things" living in this house!

I grab the phone and call the wife... She reassures me that she is only filling out a Questionairre.
... so I jumped in my car and went down to the dog pound. 
It was like an ambush!  Before my feed even got to the door I think my wife had strategically prepped the girls! They came BOLTING OUT of the Humaine Society giggling and skipping and yelling at the top of their lungs "WE'RE GETTING A DOGGIE DADDY!!!  OH DADDY I LOVE YOU!  CAN WE GET A DOG!!!!"   And it was all down hill from there.  Before we even did the paperwork for the doggie adoption, I got a text from one of our kids friends asking if we had gotten the dog yet.  

Hey, wait a second... if she was only filling out a questionairre, HOW did the kids friends know about the dog?!  Hmmmmm... I'm starting to think maybe this wasn't as UNplanned as she was describing it.  This is probably what it feels like when a well oiled military strike force plans a covert operation.  

It really can happen that fast.

I'm still not sure what happened.

Was it the 104 day wait?
Was it the pre-adoption blues?
Was it the need to fill a void?
Was it the need to have someone/something else to love?
Was it to at least complete ONE adoption this year?

But we walked out of there with the newest member of our family... Electra.

Our newest Family Memeber - Electra

Electra is a GORGEOUS 7 year old Somoya(?) Huskey. 
And yes... she is about the cutest thing ever.
And yes, she is in my bed right now.
I've already lost that battle.
The wife is curled up with the dog... and I'm down here... in the basement... on my blog.

Oh, and for any of those who have known us for ANY length of time... I am NOT a dog person.
I swore we would NEVER get a dog.
We had a dog once, and it got hit by a Honda.
I carried him in my arms back home and rushed him to a 24 hour Vet to try to save his life.
It didn't work.
But never again I said.
No more dogs.

Oh well.  You win some, you loose some.  
Or so I've been told.
I haven't really won anything yet.



  1. Ummm, congratulations!? Hope you get news on your other adoption soon!

  2. Love the smug look on Ping I'm more of a Cat person but Dogs are nice too.

  3. Wow! Never saw that coming! Congratulations (I think)! She's beautiful and it sounds like you are hero dad for allowing the dog! What's next?

  4. I need to show your post to my husband. My kids just want guinea pigs!!! She is a very cute dog. You have had a very long LOA wait, just smile and say "yes, dear."


  5. Congratulations! She is gorgeous. If it helps, my post from this morning Tucker was quite literally saved from death. He was at a kill shelter, moved to a humane society close to our home dying from heart worms. He rides in the car line with me every day. He's fabulous company during those long adoption spells. And 104 days, I'm sorry. I thought our 90 was awful. Hoping today is the day!

  6. Very cute dog. I think a stereo is in order! lol

  7. Well, the dog is cute. And I'm very happy to have him in the family. I didn't get a stereo, but I DID buy myself a new HP TouchPad tablet. So that was nice. ;-) I guess sometimes I do win.

  8. Congrats on the new family member!

  9. WOW! Gorgeous just doesn't have enough flare to it! Awesome!

  10. One of my children in particular would looooove to have a dog. My husband is not a dog person either. Electra looks like she fits right in. Now that LOA just needs to hurry up and get here. It is time!

  11. I hope people realise how much venting of spleen I had to listen to over this! :)