Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The UN-Spoken Cost of Adoption

So, on a rather large adoption forum, my wife and other "moms to be" have been passing the time on our 100+ day wait for China to get back to us, by ... oh, how do I put this?  Passing the time by applying "Retail Therapy".

The Yetis version of "Retail Therapy".  :-)
Yes, between all the waiting moms on this forums the follow things have been purchased during their Retail Therapy sessions:

  • Chocolate
  • New Luggage Sets
  • Pets
  • Chocolate
  • Ice-Cream
  • Books
  • Chocolate
  • Art
  • Electronics (yay - new TouchPad ... okay, that was me)
  • Kitchen (yes, someone even got a new kitchen out of their 100+ day wait)

More "Retail Therapy" ... for the wife!  I swear!

And it got me thinking... what IS the true UN-Spoken cost of adoption?
So I did a quick search in my blog for some of the things these women were trying though Retail Therapy in an effort to struggle through the pain of the 100+ day wait...

Well, we DID get a New Kitchen for the PREVIOUS adoption... ;-)

And we also go new appliances:

And new bathrooms:

And new furniture:

Oh sod it all!  THAT is why adoption is so darned expensive!

Oh, and to any who are following my plight in trying to acquire a stereo for the past 15 or so years, there is now a new stereo in the house:

*siiiiigh*  :-)


  1. Good morning! Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you and the other "Z" families today!

  2. The Touchpad purchase isn't really an un-spoken cost. It's a necessity for posting to this blog - so it's PART of the adoption! (did that help Ade?) :)

  3. So Adrian,
    Is Roberta taking the HP TouchPad to China so she can keep up all updated on her trip :)


  4. Hilarious and it's all true, lol! I've got the entire list and making some up as we go. Blueberry Truffles from LL Bean this summer. Chocolate makes the wait go faster!