Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things Ping Probably Never Thought She Would Be Doing

NOTE:  If the embedded videos do NOT work, I will attempt to correct them tonight - my internet is not working so great right now, so I can't tell if the videos are working.  Sorry.

Yes sir, I'm sure two years ago, when (and IF) Ping was first told that she was going to be adopted by some Canadian Family, I'm sure there were things she expected, some things she did not expect, and even thing which she could not have even known not to expect!  

Ping and her friend trying to steal the cooler full of freezies!

What are such things?  Well, having a Yeti for a father seems to have caught her a little off guard.  However, she is dealing with that about as best as she can.  ... hmmm... what else?  Oh, Cow Calling!

Cow calling... ye'sir... HEY BOSSY!  BOSSY BOSSY!!! HEEEEEERE BOSSYYIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Oh goodness, don't'cha just love the country life?!

I'll come back to that.  But first, lets lay some background.  This year, my two girls once again were playing soccer.  And once again, I was the coach for both their teams.  It's not like they could have been on the same team... of at least on the same night... nope.  Tuesday I was coaching G's team - and she did great, my little striker!  :-)  And on Thursdays I was coaching Pings team... she did great too!  Got some goals this year, was confident, and enjoyed herself.  What a change from last year.  This year, she was excited to have me be her coach!  She would tell everyone "My Dad the coach!"  Aaaah, fun times.

G making a play during the game.
She was one of the few who scored on her team.

So at the end of the soccer season, we always have a Soccer Day at the Chesterville Fair!  So once again, this year me and the girls trundled down to the fair and had a great time.  After playing soccer, me and the girls went to partake in some of the Country Fair activities... including the Cow Calling Contest.  Check out the video of the girls doing the Cow Calling below.

Now, was playing soccer on Pings radar when she was sitting in ZhongShan waiting to be adopted?  
I don't know.  Maybe.

Was she expecting to partake in a live country band playing at a fair in a small farming town in Ontario Canada?  
I doubt it.

Was she expecting to come in 1st place in a Cow Calling Competition?  
Definitely not.  Well, maybe... perhaps there is a big underground Cow Calling Culture in China which I just haven't stumbled upon yet.

Milking a plastic cow?  
Doubt it.

Taking part of a magic show with her sister?  

Taking part of a Water Mellon eating contest?  
Only in her DREAMS!  That girl LOOOOOVES Water Mellons!

Did any of that make her life "better"?  
Nope.  Just different.

However, I hope that our love and her being part of our family has made her life "better"...  just like I hope all our other children feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful family.

We can take family for granted so easily... I wonder if Ping does?

Listening to a live country band at the main stage

Meeting Winnie the Pooh and Elmo(ish) characters

Showing off her prize for the Cow Calling

Showing off her price for the Cow Calling

Milking a plastic cow

I still find this whole "milking a plastic cow" thing disturbing

Helping with the Magic Show -  G is so shy, Ping is looking for attention

Ping sizing up her competition

G anxiously awaiting to eat that water mellon

She loves getting dirty when she eats

And they kept eating the mellon, even after the race was done

Ping is perfecting her technique here, on her 2nd Wedge of Mellon!

Getting ready for the Pie Eat'n contest!

She likes pies

Is there something on my face?  I can't tell.


  1. What a fun day for the girls! Loved all the pictures and video!

  2. It was a really fun day! The wife keeps telling me to put up more pictures and such... glad you enjoyed them, and good to know they worked. I loved Ping and her little friend trying to steal the cooler. :-)

  3. What a great adventure! A plastic cow for milking? Who things of these things? Loved the pictures!