Saturday, July 23, 2011

Accident, Mafia Style #2

NOTE:  This is a re-post from No Hands But Ours - sorry if it is a repeat for some readers.

Another "accident"
Me:  Uuuuuh, what was that crash?!
Wife:  Ummmm... I don't know.
Me:  What happened?  Was it something outside?
Wife:  Oh, uh, yea.  The table broke.
Me:  The table broke?  How?
Wife:  ... uuuuuuhhhhmmmm...
Me:  *looking outside*  I guess the wind caught it and tipped it over?
Wife:  Yea!  That's it!  I saw the whole thing!  The wind just picked it up, and threw it off the deck!
Me:  Well, I guess it is windy and raining outside... hey... how come you are all wet?
Wife:  I uh, I tried to save the table?  Oh well.  Hey, I guess I get to buy a new one now!
Me:  Uh-huh...

Oh well... I never did like that table...
Now, I'm not saying that my wife "threw" the table off the deck.  I mean, the table probably weighs about as much as she does.  But maybe she could get the edge up just a bit... you know, just enough for the wind to catch it and send it sailing off the edge of the deck.
Hey, how come my little light plans aren't tossed all over the place?
All I know, is that there have been a few too many "accidents" around the house lately when it comes to things the wife wants to have replaced.

She also ran out last night and bought some hair dye to dye her hair.  She is now a blonde.  Although I enjoy the new hair colour, she has been asking me some pretty silly questions lately... the same evening she dyed her hair, she could not figure out how to use her computer... and if you are on the FOI, Rumour Queern or ZhongShan forums, you would know that she uses her computer ALOT for messaging.  I'm not saying its the blond hair, all I'm saying is that when she was a brunette we didn't have this problem.

Okay, so what is this really all about?  Its all about day 87.  Or so.  Not that we're counting.
Okay, *someone* is counting... and she is trying to distract herself.

Oh well.  I don't think it's working... BUT, if you are adopting from the ShanXi CWI, you might want to check out this link:

It is the orphanages home page.  There is a bunch of stuff up there... one of them is the story of an "one armed" lady who came to the orphanage to help teach the children and to show that they can have a happy healthy life, even if they are missing an arm...   I think it is great that the orphanage is doing things like this... it is very forward thinking and a great example for the children.

There is also a letter from the director of the orphanage - dosn't say much, and its a couple years old... but at least you can see that face of the person running the place caring for your children (if you are adopting from ShanXi).

They even have stories of international adoptions from their orphanage...

So there you go all your adoptive parents waiting like us... for 87 days...  hit up the orphanage website and kill a few hours struggling through the poorly translated English Translations (via google translate) gleaming tidbits of information about your child.

... that should keep her busy for a bit.  :-)

I guess joking aside, it is so very hard to wait...  to keep ourselves distracted... to keep ourselves from going crazy waiting to hold our new children.  How are they waiting?  Is my little Lukai somewhere in China right now, aware he is being adopted and anxiously waiting for us?!  I know since we've been home, Ping (our 1st adopted daughter) has asked us many time "Why you take so long to come get me!".

We're coming little Lukai!  We may have all new furniture when you get here here... and your mother may be a red head by then... but we are coming!


  1. Must get my husband immediately on this! Praying I see happy happy faces and three letters in front of your name on RQ first thing Monday!

  2. Praying that it will be this week, like Monday! Love your sense of humor when you blog!

  3. Oh gosh, please let that LOA come RIGHT now!!! In the meantime that new furniture will look great! By the way, THANK YOU for the tip on how to blog from China, Roberta told me you had instructions, I followed the steps,I tried a few tests, and I have it down!! We leave in 11 days!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Roberta! I've been out of touch with blogging lately. Just saw photos of your cute little guy! Congratulations!!!

  5. cute pics of your baby and hilarious story! thanks for sharing. i might try it myself actually.