Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Random


So my co-worker today was stuck standing talking to someone else while I sat comfy in a chair. Once I got up and realised that she was standing there waiting, I appologized in Chinese, and passed her the chair, saying "here, this is for you". She answered me in Chinese and thanked me, which I also answered in Chinese. She then said in English "You speak very good Chinese". I thanked her in Chinese then walked away.

While I was walking away, I thought to myself, "now wait a second, she told me in ENGLISH that I speak Good Chinese!"

IF she REALLY thought I spoke GOOD Chinese, she would have told me in CHINESE that I speak good Chinese.

It's like speaking slowly and loudly to a child because you don't think they can understand you...

So I turned around, went back to where she was sitting and answered her in Chinese "I speak very good". TO which she laughed an answered me in Chinese "Yes, you speak very good Chinese".

Is it sad that I'm proud I could have a 4 sentence conversation in Chinese about a chair?
I suppose so. And really, this whole post if just kind of RANDOM anyway.

So, to that end, I'm just going to add ANOTHER random picture of SOME KID in a Foster Home in China... :-)

More Random Cuteness!


  1. You go right ahead and be proud. I'm impressed. I'll be lucky if I can reliably pull off "xie xie" when we get there.

  2. annelies in the netherlandsMarch 10, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    Wow I am impressed! I had a similiar thing happening to me after I had some classes in sign language. Lucky for me I am an ace speller, because my vocabulary in SL is very limited. But I could help a deaf lady change trains when the timetable was all messed up and she couldn't hear the announcements. I was so pleased with myself, it was almost sad....

    I hope that totally random kid will find a maybe not so random family *wink*

  3. Pretty cool Adrian!! I would be jumping for joy if someone understood ANY of my Chinese! I was at Epcot the other day and ordered some food at the China pavilion. A girl came by and asked how I was enjoying it. I said, in Chinese "it's delicious". To which she stared at me and then finally asked in English, "I'm sorry??" and I said it again in Chinese. Still nothing. Then I said, "I was trying to say "it's delicious". So she corrected me and said in Chinese "it's delicious", which to me sounded EXACTLY the way I said it as far as I was concerned, LOL! but apparently I wasn't even close. Oh well! So definitely be proud of your achievement!