Monday, February 14, 2011

Ask A Yeti: Intro to the Ask

So I've been thinking of starting something on the blog called "Ask a Yeti" - where you, the good readers of Forever Family can ask the Yeti questions related to life, love and/or adoption.

Don't expect serious answers, but something on the "lighter" side.

So there you have it... if there is anything you've ever wanted to ask the Yeti about life, love and/or adoption, go ahead and hit the button!  Questions which peak the Yetis interest will be answered here on the blog.  :-)

Send your questions to The Yeti (
who will answer them on the Forever Family blog

I would think good questions to ask would be things along the line of "Yeti, how did you ever become so awesome?!", or "Yeti, how do you really feel about lawyers?", etc, etc, etc...

NOTE:  The Yeti's views do not represent the official views or thoughts, opinions of the Forever Family Blog, the Yetis wife, or generally intelligent people who think before they speak, or have at least the IQ of a rock.  The Yeti should not be held responsible for his thoughts or actions... he is a Yeti after all.

NOTE 2:  The Yeti apologizes in advance for the multitude of people who will most likely be offended by his so call humor... and any resemblances between people in the Ask A Yeti comments and people real or imaginary are purely coincidental... unless they are not.  In which case, they would be purely intentional.