Monday, January 17, 2011

In my Defense...

Soooo, I noticed in the Blog Traffic report that many people were visiting from a China Adopt Talk website.  When I followed the link back, I saw a humorous thread of people dishing about their significant others quirks and odd habits.  Funny stuff.

Stuff like...

  • Some husband likes Reality TV
  • Some guy is still wearing black Wal-Mart jeans from 1997
  • Some husband who loved the Twilight series (trust me, he doesn't, he is just trying to earn brownie points with his wife)
  • etc...

Then, I see a post from my lovely... supportive... wonderful wife...

--- begin paste ---
Re: Tell your DH's (or DW's) secrets!

« Reply #13 on: January 13, 2011, 06:54:46 PM »

1) My DH attends Chinese Kindergarden (under the pretense of helping our DD) and actually feels competition from the other 4yr olds to bet them in their assignments and class performance.
2)I find pictures of him on the digital camera that he's taken himself, posing different hair styles!
3)He stays up till the wee hours of the morning watching Chinese cartoons.

But he does write the best blog ever
--- end paste ---

Me:  So hey, I was on the China Adopt Talk forum today.
Wife:  Oh, how did you get to the forums?
Me:  Uh, I just registered a user account... its open to anyone who registers.  Its a public website.
Wife:  Oh, I didn't know you were on there.
Me:  Ummm, you know I registered because you told me to, so I could tell someone how to blog in China.
Wife:  Oh.
Me:  Yea, and apparently... I "pose for hair pictures"?
Wife:  What?  You read my post?!
Me:  Uh-huh.  And I pose for pictures?!
Wife:  How DARE you read my post!
Me:  Uh, because you posted it.  And I POSE for pictures?!
Wife:  Those ARE PRIVATE messages!
Me:  No, no they aren't.  Its a public form.  Which you posted on.  To thousands of users.  That I pose for hair pictures.
Wife:  You can't READ MY POSTS!
Me:  Yes, I can.  And so can anyone else on the forums.  And I don't pose for hair pictures!
Wife:  I can't even LOOK at you right now!
Me:  What?!  What did I DO?!

Well, I think I DO write the best blog... next to this one of course.  :-)

Now, as for #1 above ... 
Yes, I do take JR. Kindergarten class with my adopted daughter.  And I would dare say that more adoptive parents should do the same!  Even our other daughter has started going to Chinese School to help support her sister.  Now, is there a little girl there in a Red Dress who is a snot nosed little know it all?!  Yes!  Absolutely!  Dose she need to be put in her place?  YES!  Oh she sits there all cute and innocent looking... but you can see it in the smirk of her smile... she loves being the smartest one in the class... :-)  Kidding, shes a lovely little teachers pe... er, little student.

As for #2 above...
Yes, I did take pictures of my hair.  Because I had long hair, and cut it all off for our daughter.  I think that is a fine reason to take pictures of my hair before I loose it all.  Did I have a big ceremony with the family, keep all the hair in a brown paper bag for weeks on end in my room and cry every night when I went to bed?  No.  Okay, maybe just a little... crying... but c'mon, my hair was gone!

As for #3 above...
Yes, I do watch Chinese cartoons until the wee hours of the morning.  But that's only because I don't have anything else to watch!  Actually I found a website where I can download Chinese TV.  So now I've got some Chinese A-TEAM type shows and other stuff, as well as some cheezy Kung-Fu shows!  So HA!  I'm not *just* watching Chinese Cartoons!

... hmmmm... maybe this isn't really helping any... I'm going to stop posting now.

Oh, but one last thing before I leave... notice that all 3 things are for my adopted child?  I guess that makes it OK then.  'Cuz after all, I think I'd do anything for my children... even going back to Kindergarten, cutting off my hair, and yes, watching foreign language cartoons.  :-)


  1. Now if you could only find a Chinese Kindergarten Hair Salon which studies Chinese Cartoons. Then you wouldn't have to find time to sneak all of them in.

  2. YES! Brilliant! Then I could watch my chinese cartoons while getting my hair cut and doing the Jr. Kindergarten homework!

  3. You know that you have an account on ChAT, maybe you could go to the thread and share a little about Roberta?

  4. Yes, because that would end SO well for me! I'm sure my wife would LOVE that. :-)

  5. And that LAST comment shows that you are a smart man, Adrian!

  6. well, well, this is a great evening laugh. So much that I had to read it to my husband (who I am not sharing anything about his secrets!!) Any of this interesting banter make it into your HS update, he he??? Now I think Roberta needs a secret name on RQ so she can keep posting and you can be re-named Gracen when she needs to spill more secrets. Sorry, I did love that Grace post x2 and am having a hard time letting it go. Watch any Happy Goat and the Big Big Wolf. Lia was watching them until we realized the wolf always gets beaten with a stick, sound familiar???

  7. HA! Yea, the Happy Goat videos are SO funny! We brought back a DVD set from China - the boys loved watching it cuz the wolf always gets beaten up. Ping could have cared less. :-)

    Oh, and watching the Wolf get beat up time and time again, is a little disturbing. Even in the Looney Toons where Wylie Coyote is getting chopped up, blown up, crushed, run over, etc, it is pretty tame... you don't see blood slowly soaking thought the bandages like when the Wolf gets beaten up... :-)

    Anyway, we have the Happy Goat videos. The Big Headed Son Little Headed Father (Da tou erzi shou tou ba ba). Disneys Mulan in Mandarin and an assortment of a few other movies and such. Good times. Good times.